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I decided to close it as it is not necessary to have. The person kept asking me what my birthday was and I said I already told you. Three times they asked if I would reconsider keeping it open.

They then said this will go on my credit report Old Navy begged me to apply for a credit card. I used it but didn't max it out. No notice by mail, phone call, or email. I was paying it off. They closed my account. Again, no notice by mail, phone call or email. I never went over my limit and all my payments were made on time.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Suddenly in my email in June , I have a statement from them with a charge on it that I didn't make.

I called and asked how can a closed account be reopened by a fraudulent charge? When I close a credit card, I expect it to stay closed. They give you no confirmation number for your record that the card has been closed other than the person's first name and their 8 digit phone extension. I went to use my Old Navy card this afternoon and it was declined, funny I just paid off the account in full. So I called customer service, which was unhelpful and very aggravating.

I was told they reviewed the account and it was accurate and the account had been closed. I asked when they reviewed the account and she told me on June 2nd. I asked when was the previous review and she said April 2nd. I have never been so disappointed. I typically shop each season, as my children are constantly growing. I typically make payments on my account.

However, after paying my account balance in full and getting ready to begin shopping in a couple of weeks, I receive a letter stating that my account is closed after the fact. It later says that it is due to inactivity. I contacted the customer service center and explained the situation as this isn't my 1st time shopping seasonally and they couldn't do anything about it. I will not shop at Old Navy or Gap again, this is bad business and bad customer service. Great summer clothes for kiddos.

Out of nowhere they shut it down for inactivity. Also to do so without notification, just seems like poor business. I also have other cards with Synchrony Bank and have had no issues with them or lowered balances.

I have a both a car loan and a car lease with BMW with both perfectly paid on time, we own our home with no mortgage as we paid that in full also! I also have owned my own business since with my business credit in very good standing. Really, with every single payment made on time every single month, both myself and my husband having very good incomes and always paying our finances on time every single month.

I am very confused I even ran all 3 of my annual credit reports just to make sure I was not missing something because I am that paranoid about making sure all my payments are made on time and all was great along with my credit score. Not a credit card company I would ever recommend and this is coming from a upper middle class homeowner and business owner with a very good credit standing.

Our bank account had fraud, so there was a delay in the auto-pay, so Old Navy immediately just closed the account! I have excellent credit, a long history of credit cards in excellent standing.

This is a horrible way to conduct business. The company they use to when you call customer service has very limited information and are not very helpful. The Old Navy store is a budget store, so they run their credit card in a way that treats everyone like poor, untrustworthy, no frills manner. Save your credit score Went to use my card online today. It had a 0 balance. Logged onto the card site to see what was going on. The account has been closed. Called to find out what was going on.

I pointed out we used it in December and paid it off Jan 1 before it was due. Was then told they sent me a letter umm not that I saw. She read it to me over the phone. It was because of derogatory collections or public record on my credit report or high balances on my other cards. I stopped her mid sentence. I pay all my credit cards off every month. I have no collections or public records.

I have a damn near perfect credit score and the only installment loan is the same truck I had on there when I applied for the card so the kids could do their own shopping. She told me to read the letter. I told her again I never received the letter. Never made a late payment. Always paid off the balance in full each month. She was rude and not helpful and told me I should pay attention to the letter again with the mysterious letter.

But she did tell me I could reapply If I enjoyed their product. I am still trying to figure out what the problem was! They made a very hard inquiry on my credit history and the customer service is so bad. They keep me waiting on hold for half an hour and the second time when I called the supervisor she kept me on hold for 25 minutes.

Her name was Gwen. I think she lied me about her name and the associate who kept me waiting was Joy. I think both of these names are fake Please never apply for a credit card from Synchrony Bank, Nobody applies for their credit card.

I pulled my credit report and there was not anything different on it then when I first opened the account. I haven't used this credit card that much and when I did, I always paid on time and more than the minimum required. Within 2 weeks of paying the balance off, I received a letter in the mail stating they were closing my account based on the same information they used to justify lowering my credit limit less than 2 months ago.

Both accounts have now lowered my credit limits. My credit has not changed since opening these accounts last year. This can't be legal what they are doing. Their online login to make payments is terrible. I registered with all my confidential and bank information to make a payment and the computer stated it was rejected!!!

The telephone on my Statement was also worthless as all it said when I called it was sales pitch for a cell phone company and a satellite company. Finally, I looked up Old Navy online and found a usable telephone number to call and a young man answered and verified the payment I had recently made had been registered and approved!

He also verified their online registration has NOT been updated in a while! This Company needs to check their Websites AND update the telephone number appearing on their monthly statements!!! I love shopping with this card. The discounts and rewards you get are amazing. I'm using this card from close to 3 years now and it's all worth it. The good thing about this card is it covers variety of clothing and you can use card across their brands and be rewarded.

Also couple of time in a year they will come with the offer of spending out of the brands and be rewarded points per dollar and of course that helps you accumulate lot of points and shop really expensive clothes in a very reasonable price. I have already recommended to several of my friends. I got an online notice saying that my credit card bill was due. I went online to try to pay it.

The site has no place to look for help, no way to reset your information without the original id and pw. I'm forced to go to pay my bill at the store.

I will never use this card again. It's not user friendly, not easy to pay and impossible to find any help. For two years payments always on time but because I ran in difficulties my payments were returned once or twice and they closed my account.

No notifications about returned payments and consequences. The representative just told me my account was closed. I had to log in online to find out about my card. This is unacceptable and unprofessional for such a big company like this. I used it a few times and paid the balance off right away each time. I haven't used it for the past couple of months because I have other cards with a high balance and didn't want to make it worse.

Plus Old Navy doesn't always have the best options. So I'm thinking about using it to get some dress pants when all of a sudden I receive an email from Experian stating that an account had been closed.

I won't find out why until I reach home next week. Apparently they sent a letter out which should be arriving. I'm never shopping with any of their companies ever again. I received an email from Experian that I had a credit decrease and since I have 4 other major credit cards in good standing I didn't know what was going on. Logged into my Experian account and found out it was from them. I had read this before from others but I didn't think it would happen to me. No notice from them or anything.

I am paying them off and never using them again. As a result of that decrease my credit score dropped unnecessarily. This company cares nothing about their customers.

One Friday, I made a payment, but it did not register, so I paid again as it usually registers automatically. On Monday, I was charged twice, so my bank had to do a stop payment.

For this, Old Navy closed my account and gave me a late charge. They refused to reopen my account without a letter from my bank.

It has been a terrible experience. My account was closed without notification. I used the card about 6 months ago and paid the balance off by the next statement. After emailing I was told it was for non-payment. I replied with the facts and then was told it was for inactivity.

I was told they re-ran my credit report and decided to close the account. Maybe it's time to realize that some weight needs to come off. Then you won't have to be so "inconvenienced" by having to buy your special sizes online. Old Navy in general seems to fit for larger people anyways. So that's a real issue they need to work on. Make more form fitting clothes and don't worry about the piggies complaining because you don't have their size 18 or 22! I've had Old Navy jeans last me for years, so I'm not sure which type of clothing you bought Arvid.

As for the dickbumps that are making wise cracks to the heavy set people, grow up. There are people of all shapes and sizes, and simply because a person is unable to "fit" your image of what a person should be, doesn't exactly "fit" the standard of today's society.

If Old Navy is in fact completely doing away with the plus sizes I say "oh well". JC Penny's, Sears, Belks, and a whole slew of various companies carry plus sizes; shop around a bit, there's plenty out there. And seriously people, grow up. If you're one of the people who are in shape, or not over weight, have a little tact and at the very least, act human towards others.

When Old Navy gets Online returns, they don't sell them back in the store. They ALL get sent back, because there are a lot of online only styles of clothes. It ALL gets sent back.

Hmmm well maybe you should try stores who specialize in plus size. Old Navy isnt a plus size store. The main reason to why they stopped selling Plus sized items in the store is because this section was not producing enough sales to outweigh having it in the store.

This is apart of all retail companies, if a section isn't doing well, they get rid of it and try something else.

I completely agree with the original post. I have been shopping for years at Old Navy, and am so disgusted to see them pull the Plus line. Why should people who are heavier or larger than what is considered popular be denied the experience of shopping in an actual store? If you order something from the Plus line, you have to wait until it is shipped, try it on, return it if it doesn't fit and then start all over again. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but this completely takes away all of the fun from the shopping experience.

I understand how you are upset by the nature of having to now shop online for plus size items But Christina is right I have never had any issues returning online orders to a local Old Navy store when it did not fit. As long as you have the receipt they take it back with no problem and exchange it. They have always been great about exchanges.

Personally I think Old Navy has plenty of large clothing in there. I have the opposite problem. I am thin and a lot of the clothes in the store are to big for me.

I always have to get the items off of the dummies in the store. I guess you can't win in clothing no matter what size you are. In case you missed it, the complaint was that the line is being pulled and items can't be returned through the stores.

There's no reason for no returns through the stores. It's a simple shipping matter. It's simply another example of a company that doesn't care about customers who don't fit a certain profile ironically, I do fit the profile, but won't shop at Old Navy anyway, because I prefer clothing that lasts for more than one wash cycle.

I work for Old Navy It is just highly unlikely that you will be able to exchange it in the store since we no longer carry the plus line in the stores Comment the review as Old Navy verified representative.

You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. All reviews Footwear and Clothing Old Navy Oklahoma City , Oklahoma. I emailed customer serivce to make sure it was not just this store Yes 1 No 1. Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. Convert into review Leave as comment. I agree to TOS Cancel.

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