Clothes to Take for a Cruise

There's a whole world that exists between pajamas and formalwear, and plenty of clothes that not only help you get snuggly in your seat, but also make sense after landing.

Um, are those clothes from my closet?

Knowing what clothes to take for a cruise can make the difference between feeling comfortable and stylish on your cruise vacation or just feeling out of place. A Word About Luggage The first thing passengers need to be aware of when packing clothes for a cruise is luggage limitations.
But deciding what to wear on vacation (that is, staying chic in the heat, and in one of the most fashionable countries in the world) is no easy feat. The Italian coast is home to beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets, historic architecture and towering hillsides.
You don’t need to get dressed up in your best clothes each time you set foot outside, and it’s certainly not as though the locals will. Dress for comfort, and not for style. Light, airy clothing is best for day to day wear, and you might find that you wear little more than a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt during the day.
April 25, April 13, Select Italy Tips for Travelers fashion, holiday, how to, how to dress in italy during summer, shopping, summer, travel, vacation, what to wear in italy. permalink. Comfortable and classy outfits are the best choice for your Italian holiday.
travel umbrella Miami Necessities Stylish sunglasses, flip flops, swimsuits, high heels/sexy dresses for the clubs, and a cozy sweatshirt for chilly temps and bus rides.
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Home / Travel Tips / India / 5 Tips on What to Wear in India 5 Tips on What to Wear in India Though Bollywood beauties would have you think that skimpy is “in,” dressing conservatively as a female traveler in India is the way to go.

Try to walk past it during lunch or even dinner the night before, and see what others are wearing. There are a million ways to carry your stuff that look better than a fanny pack. Find a decent, attractive bag to carry your big hulking D-SLR camera in. That goes for you too, men. If not for fashion, then to avoid being mugged. Take the time and spend the money to find a comfortable pair of shoes that look nice.

Leave the white sneakers at home. Find a comfortable, nice outfit for traveling. Watching you guys come off a plane or train is like witnessing a 4AM fire drill at a college dorm. Do whatever it takes to respect this unspoken rule, no matter how hot it is. Check out my France in July and my France in August posts. Your Biggest Fashion Question Answered: But here are some really, really important things to note before you throw those raggedy, cheap plastic atrocities into your suitcase.

The flip-flops that French people wear, by and large, are not your standard-issue disposable Old Navy kind. Follow their lead, and you can wear them day and night.

Women , opt for some bling, a heel, or more complicated straps for your flip-flops or sandals. Men , invest in a really nice pair of simple, brown or black leather flip-flops.

I once saw a Frenchman wearing these with linen pants and a crisp white t-shirt at a brasserie in Paris in That goes for men, too, so no eye-rolling. And carry some tissues or wipes with you throughout the day to clean up your feet before heading in to eat somewhere. You know that cute sundress you want to wear to dinner? Get a decent sandal or adorable flats. Either wear pants or a skirt, or bring fitted jeans and wear them with heels. Heading to the beach?

Cover up on your way there unless your hotel is across the street from the shoreline. When in doubt, find a long, light cotton scarf and wear it all the time. French girls do this with practically any outfit, no matter how warm it is, and it just pulls the whole look together. But there are some final tips you might want to consider before heading out.

Older French women do not hide their attractiveness. They are the Helen Mirren to your Joy Behar. French women do not over-accessorize with jewelry. The shoes thing goes double for you — invest in the most comfortable, most attractive shoes you can find.

Nothing ruins your outfit more than your go-to sneakers. Go with light, natural fabrics — first of all, synthetics will overheat you in four seconds flat. Secondly, older French women tend to be of a generation that bought nice things and tended to them well. They have not bought into the disposable clothing trend of Americans. For men, longer shorts or slacks will do the trick. Jamaica is warm throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s in winter to the mids in summer.

To stay comfortable, pack light clothes made from airy, natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, and avoid dark colors, which soak up heat. If you'll be visiting in the winter, bring a jacket or sweater for the evenings, as things cool down after sunset. Covering items, like long skirts and trousers, have the added bonus of shielding your skin from the sun. For swimming in the ocean or at your resort's pool, bring at least one bathing suit.

If you pack two, you'll always have a clean, dry one to change into. Both one-piece suits and bikinis are acceptable at resort and a coverup is handy for lounging and going back and forth between your room and the water, as is a pair of flip flops.

To shield your face while sunbathing, consider a wide-brimmed hat. Some Jamaican resorts ask guest to abandon their casual look in the evening for something more formal, so women should pack a classy dress or skirt and top combination, while men should don slacks and a button-up shirt. For local clubs and hotspots, Fodor's recommends trendy clothes, like a chic dress paired with sparkly sandals and a pair of hip loafers with dark pants and an edgy top for the gents.

Hallie Engel is a food and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in several international publications. What to Pack for Jamaica in December. What to Wear to a Resort in Mexico.

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