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Dress yourself for cold winter weather with this collection of stylish knit sweaters. You'll find sweaters for men and women all within the pages of this FREE eBook!

It has adding numbers, the Fibonacci numbers and various maths symbols. Sarah - Reply June 16, at Mr K started with a satellite map of the earth, and "attacked it with computer programs until it was a knitting pattern".

This is a very busy time of year for me. But however busy I am, somehow the knitting never stops. So in the interstices of putting together the West Highland Way book, I've also been whipping up a Carbeth cardigan. I created the cardigan along the same general principles as the jumper: two strands of.
Dress yourself for cold winter weather with this collection of stylish knit sweaters. You'll find sweaters for men and women all within the pages of this FREE eBook!
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Fun, free knitting patterns to let you go knitting crazy. Choose from sweaters, kids’ clothes, toys and accessories to suit all levels of experience. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser%(K).
Browse our excellent range of Aran knitting patterns, which includes designs for men, women, children and babies. Buy or download our Aran weight patterns and make a start on your next project.
Top 8 Reasons Why Crocheting is Better Than Knitting

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All of the reasons pro crochet might be true but I MUCH prefer knitting and knitted items to crocheted ones because knitting is more sophisticated, the patterns are more intricate and the finished product just plain looks a lot nicer than wet blankets.

I want to buy Brother Knitting Machines in India. Can You suggest regarding that. Any dealer in india. Awesome Irene, You have same machine like mine. I like you tried a lot of things but less success. I guess i have to start with manual! I need manual for this machine. Anyhow do you where i can get manual for Singer ? I have 3 brother machines and a studio. All have main and ribber beds.

Anyone know where I can buy one? If you are in the midwest and need lessons you should try knicknack shop in Peru, Indiana. I went to a seminar there in Apri for knitting machines and it was fabulous!

Hello all, I have a Brother Home Knitter. I have to admit I very seldom use it, but when I do I enjoy it. Every now and then I want to make something for some one that is really personal.

I recently moved and now want to make a knitted skirt and sweater and found that some of the pieces have been lost. I am missing the piece that holds the yarn tentioner and weights. And a couple of other small pieces. Does anyone know where I can get parts for the knitter. Any dealer in Japan. Votre aide serait apprécié , Merci Jocelyne.

Looking for used double bed knit machine, non electric. Have a 40 year old Brothers. Would like a med or lrg. I was given a Toyota Elena Auto 7 knitting machine that is missing some parts.

Does anyone know of a place in NYS that repairs them? I am looking for a used mid guage knitting machine that is affordable. I would love an SK if possible.

Tracy I have been all over eBay and Oztion and many machines are being sold there. Many are complete, some have books and patterns and some have extra carriages for different types of knitting. Sometimes machines are sold at local charity stores and prices are good but sorting rooms sometimes misplace or do not recognise parts for machines and machines are often from estates.

I recommend a full learning mode at this site so you can spot the best bargain when you see it! I have been hand knitting since and machine knitting since I love both and am complimented on my hand lace work and machine knitted circular shawls with lace borders. Best of luck to you. I do not know what anything is worth as far as going on Ebay -I am totally confused. Is there anyone in New Jersey that can help me sort things out for sale? Someone directed me to this site to check for the manual to a Studio HK machine I am trying to sell.

I have downloaded it. Hi, I just inherited a Studio SR knitting machine. Does anyone know what these are worth and how to sell it?

I am interested in a used knitting machine to make hats, bags and baby blankets and scalf, would like to have an idea of the cost. Have the time to sit and try making items for gifts. Was fortunate to locate books and things on ebay. Recently located an article on deep cleaning which was super help.

I aquired a Passap Duo 80… needs to be serviced. Do you have any references for Central California? Hi I am looking for a knitting machine with a ribber. I would also like it to be computer friendly. I have never machine knitted so would like a machine that is easy to use. If anyone has a machine for sale or know someone who has one cheap please let me know. A Jocelyn- Tu es ou? Bob and Sonia Burda are wonderful people and may be able to help you.

I have a Brothers KH This in orginal Box and case. I have to open it to get a picture and the list of the extras inside. Hi passap knitters, I have a problem with the front lock of my passap E and like to ask for help. I took the lock off the bed inspected it and gently tried to move the lever but with no luck. Nothing had happened to the front lock and it does not look anything is broken. It is also well oiled and cleaned.

Thanks for your suggestions. I am in need of a Ribber for a Singer Does anyone have one to sell. I live in Oakville, Ontario. My DH says that electronic knitting machines are no longer made. Is this true, and if so how long has it been since they have made them?

It was part of a large number of knitting machines and accessories that were left to me by my English Aunt. I am a weaver and I tried my hand at the knitting machines but found I prefer weaving. I sold the other items to someone local who wanted to upgrade her equipment — my Aunt would have loved her. I know I sound sentimental — loved my Aunt and want to find good homes for her equipment.

I would like to find a good home for it — someone who loves knitting as much as my Aunt did. Does anyone have suggestions for pricing?

I also noticed a comment from last year from Joan Kissell, also looking for the same part. I am wondering if you were able to find it some where. If anybody has the arm assembly part for sale or knows someone that has it, please let me know. I am relying on the eBay as a point of contact for sellers of knitting parts for many models of machines, some of which are s.

I find reasonable prices and postage there and many parts are available in China. Hand manipulating tools are also sold by these sellers. Just buy the card and credit it at your local post office. Any thoughts on where I can find one? I have a number of machines and attachments recently inherited. I live north of Seattle, my mother-in-law was Iris Meister als0 known as the Knitmeister.

She told me they are very expensive. Unfortuneately the only one she spoke to me about selling to was Gail who past away a couple of years ago. Create Your Own Christmas Scene.

Although the royal household have a policy to not comment on memorabilia, Wills and Kate have made it clear that they find tea-towels and the like 'naff'. I'm sure they'll love these though. It's Virginia Woolf's birthday today, 25 january, and she was a knitter, as this portrait painted by her sister Vanessa Bell shows.

Her friends knew her as a knitter, and she told her husband that "Knitting is the saving of life. This lady is called Bonney, and her name gets mentioned when people talk about who has the largest yarn stash. She featured in a blog post a few years ago, and now her daughter-in-law has been back to see her for an update I hope it's not the first time she's been to visit in the four years! She really is a good read and worth bookmarking.

This one is an excellent post in which she gives top tips for good neat colourwork. The mitts are spillyjane 's. Stephanie raved about her patterns in a previous post and I'm right with her. Read the Yarnharlot blog post. A similar challenge has started for , with one more shawl - 11 shawls in Read the Stitching for Sanity blog post. The idea is that you knit a pair of socks every two weeks this year - yes that's 26 pairs.

Each pattern has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet. At the rate I knit, I'd be lucky to get to my favourite pattern, 'Ginkgo Socks' before Christmas, so I think the prizes UK only will be very well deserved.

I notice that the discussion thread for the competition has the tag 'omgyoumustbemad'. Read laalbear's blog post. Rebecca of Chemknits isn't sure how she feels about them but out of curiosity has made quite a list of knitted necktie free patterns. It's the start of a new year and Sarah Read of crochetme. Textile artist Gabriel Dawe has made some wonderful work, but these thread-sculptures are amazing.

From a distance they look etherial, like a coloured mist. Gabriel started to work on this scale after becoming frustrated with the constraints of his graphic design course. Plexus no 4 took over hours to install and used 50 miles of thread. This fella caught my eye. And then I didn't know which eye to look him in. I love the cute creatures and objects that Katie of Caffaknitted has designed and made.

Check out the retro phone too. Read the post and visit her Etsy shop. I asked a while ago whether you liked the Knitpro coloured acrylic needle tips named 'flair', and you did.

Now that KP have phased out the clear 'spectra' tips, I'm now stocking all sizes of these purple interchangeable tips. As with the wood and metal ranges, you can put togther a tip size and cable length to suit your project. This knitted nativity, complete with shepherds, wise men and a very cute lamb, first appeared in an Australian magazine and is now available as a free download on Ravelry.

Sally of knitsallyknit has had a rummage in her stash and made a lovely job of this scene. She improvised a little, making the wise men look a little more regal with metallic wool and sequins. View more photos of this knitted nativity on Flickr. Selvedge magazine is a special and collectable magazine, covering interior design and contemorary textile art. The new Christmas issue encourages us to think about alternatives to the commercial side of Christmas with a focus on handmade gifts, decorations and wrapping.

Articles include Christmas attire through history, circus, panto and puppetry and textiles in Christmas decoration. As usual, this issue is packed with information, inspiration, gift ideas and events with a special guide to the Selvedge Christmas Fair. Read more and preview the current issue. Facebook delicious stumbleupon Your wishlist What's on your Christmas list? Please feel free to include items from handspinner. Just in time for the festive season, these incredibly realistic mince pies, complete with a dusting of fibrey sugar, were made by Linda shabbytiger who blogs at http: RecycleCindy gives full instructions on how to crochet this bag.

There's also a link to another page showing you how to take the tape from an old vieocassette and turn it into yarn.

Alternatively you can use yarn made from plastic bags or bulky yarn. If you were a cat, what would you dream about? Yarn raining from the sky of course. This very cute and clever commercial for Perina shows how that would look.

For sock addicts, this blog post by Kathleen of Knitting Daily is a delight. KD have released a download called 'Best of Top Ten Patterns for Knitted Socks', which unfortunately isn't free, but to accompany it, Kathleen has compiled this list of top tips for sock knitting.

Kathleen's Favourite Sock Knitting Tips. I've not reported graffiti knitting or yarnbombing for a while also known as yarn storming here in the UK for political correctness but here are a couple that caught my eye and seem particularly appropriate now that the weather is turning colder. Parking meter cosy and a Knitted bus stop. I'm pleased to say that I now have in stock the smaller 'sock and lace' needle gauge pendant.

As beautiful as the original metric version, but measures smaller sizes up to 4mm including those important quarter sizes. Debra's Garden needle gauge pendants. I love these big-cat pelts by Aussie artist Ruth Marshall.

Sure to raise a smile, knit and crochet versions of the pattern for these booties for your little monster is available for free from Ravelry. Three pairs including the ones shown here were made by Kelly Hogaboom. North London textile graduate Elinor Voytal has made some amazing jewellery from metal findings, Swarovski crystals and knitted silk and viscose.

That's just what artist Helen Pynor has done. Human organs are normally heavy and sloppy, but Helen has achieved exactly the opposite by knitting her etherial sculptures from single-thickness hair tied end to end. Parts of the body usually considered ugly are made from a part of the body which is considered beautiful. She casts on and knits in the usual way using 3.

She became used to the fragility of the thread and was eventually able to knit without breaking it too often. Read the full article in the autumn issue of Twist Collective. We all knew it, but now this report from CBS news finds that knitting does you good, with statistics and real doctors and everything.

Craft and The Politics of Slowness. It was also exhibited as part of the exhibition Yarn Theory, curated by Martha Lewis. Ninety knitters from around North America contributed pieces. Photographs of each knitter working on their section were included as part of the piece when it was removed from the road and installed in the gallery. I just saw this wonderful pink crocheted wig right on Knithacker - it's not a free pattern, in fact I can't find the pattern, but the maker does sell her crochet patterns here on Etsy so maybe it's coming soon.

But it reminded me that I'd started a free wig pattern round up some time ago. So here it is:. The nights are drawing in and the weather's turning, but one delightful thing about autumn is that magical colour-changing trick that the leaves perform.

Why not recreate those colours in some everlasting knitted leaves? You could stitch them to hats or scarves, or make one into a brooch. The recent threat to drop knitting from the curriculum on the Sheltand Islands has had a side-effect of attracting the media's attention onto the traditional crafts of spinning and knitting and brought into the open the question of whether the island should move to more indstrial techniques and increase production.

I've enjoyed this article on The Business of Fashion. Despite the high price tag for the genuine article, demand is outstripping supply. See the image on Flickr. Are you addicted to knitting? In this post, Kate at Foxs Lane compares her own knitting habits with the classic and very real symptoms of addiction. It makes a good if slightly worrying read, and along the way she knits this gorgeous Bunny Tail.

There's a link to the pattern in the post. These boots look really attractive after felting, but what makes these photos amazing is that they show just how much items shrink when felted. Unfortunately I can't find a blog, but you can see the pictures before and after felting on Flickr. Fancy a tee-shirt, tote bag or mug that tells the world 'I knit therefore I am', 'Keep calm, carry yarn', 'So much yarn, so little time? See knitting designs at Cafepress. Moira Hickey marches across sodden fields on Fair Isle to look at the importance of knitting to the islanders at a time when knitting is about to be dropped from the curriculum.

Besides meeting the sheep and discussing the traditional techniques, she asks about the viability of a 'fair trade' product handmade from fleece to jumper, and whether hand knitting should be kept alive as a tradition on the island or be developed to encourage tourism.

Broadcast on Thursday 5th August and available on the iPlayer Listen to the programme. The answer seems to be yes or no, depending on your airport. I've done some research for you: I recently mentioned Kate Jenkins' incredibly realistic food. Here are a couple more scrummy knitted projects. First of all, for the fridge, knitted meat complete with polystyrene tray and cling film: Her crocheted food also includes pizza, hot-dogs and coffee and biscuits. Follow the links to her etsy shop where she's selling the crochet patterns for the food and lots of other objects.

A while ago I featured automatic knitting in the shape of a knitting lampshade and wind-powered knitting and here's another project along similar lines. This design seeks to make time a tangible, physical thing.

The circular knitting machine with 48 needles moves clockwise and after one year creates a scarf two meters long. It feels a little bit irreverend to chuckle at these little fellows who appear in a Japanese cemetery. Vicki of Knitorious posted this wonderful photo of them looking so cute in their little crocheted caps, but the reason is a mystery.

View the blog post. This video shows Rachel John breaking records by knitting with strands simultaneously on a pair of giant needles. The work of art took place at a Textiles exhibition in I love it for these reasons, and most of all because I love it when things are taken to extreme. This simple lace pattern with a natural bias is by one of the authors of 'New England Knits' - the theme of the book features garments which reflect the culture and style of New England and allow you to cope with changeable New England weather which goes from chilly to sunny in the same day.

I don't usually feature bought patterns, but Tina of Peacefully Knitting has gone to the trouble of searching out some of the best shawl and shawlette patterns, and there are some beautiful ones here.

What does a crocheter feel when she starts knitting? I love this post in which crocheter kate learns to knit. She lists her 'likes' and 'dislikes' - the lines almost form a poem.

How many do you agree with? A collaborative work, in which hundreds of people from around the world made stitched selves, has been on display for one night only at the Science Museum.

StitchLondon's blog post about the event is here http: Pictures of all of the mini-me's will feature with backstories on StitchLondon's Flickr: We've seen knitted food before, but Kate Jenkins does it on a big scale with realism and humour. Her previous exhibitions have included a bangers-and-mash cafe and fish and chips at Brighton. She's demonstrating crocheted iPod and iPad cosies; this pom-pom one is quite clever - the pom-pom folds around the back to provide a soft shock-absorbing angled rest.

But she's doing all of this while wearing a crocheted dragon outfit complete with LED nose and red-painted toe nail slippers.

I went to make a cup of tea and when I came back it was still just as surreal. Tried Google language tools Oh, it's a tiger, not a dragon. Perhaps some things are better if you don't know This free eBook requires registering your email address with Knitting Daily includes casting on for ribbing, making a French knot, working short rows, felting or blocking your pieces successfully, making an applied i-cord, a three-needle bind-off and more.

Textile artist Alison Murray has created a huge seaside scene involving 2, knitters. Story on BBC Devon. Photo gallery of Above and Below the Waves. Doesn't this make you want to get your bare toes into it? I love it, and will be making one soon. The pattern from Lion Brand includes instructions for the 'make one loop' stitch and you can make the grass as long or short as you like. This is spot, the eight-foot Argyle giraffe, here for no other reason than he, or possibly she, is cute.

The soft sculpture was made by Lion Brand to take with them to Maker Faire where they were teaching knitting and crochet to the visitors. More photos of the giraffe from Maker Faire. This excellent tutorial from the Knitting Daily blog takes us through that essential stitch for sewing up with a neat seam with good illustrations and top tips.

I can't help feeling that it's not guerrilla knitting if it's organised by the local council, but rampaging guerrilla knitters or not, I love these knitted, woven and crocheted works which are brightening up Brisbane. Read more about this story. Read more about i knit Brisbane. Local knitters in Somerset are being asked to make a boob as well as the clothes for premature babies they normally make.

A similar scheme at Liverpool Women's Hospital was reported last year. I Knit London take us on a trip down memory lane in the shape of Corrie stars modeling some contemporary knitting patterns. Notice the big bobbles. Those are called nupps. A number of lace patterns use them and they give another dimension to the texture of the lace.

It's used in traditional Estonian lace knitting. A while ago I called p3tog 'the mother of all stitches' but the nupp leaves that stitch way behind. It involves making 5, 7 or even 9 into a single stitch, and then purling them all together on the return purl row Read on for more info, tips and links about knitting nupps.

I've been watching eskimimi's blog since she learned to spin less than a week ago. Check out the cute hand-painted sheep on the spindle she was given. In this post she has found a perfect pattern to use up some of the small quantities of handspun yarn that she's made.

Her spinning is sooo neat, as is her knitting; the colours work out beautifully and this little bag looks a treat! Read the original post. Julie makes and sells gorgeous little cotton rabbits. Here she gives us a free pattern for very cute teeny tiny toy rabbits and bears.

Julie says that they are "a wee bit fiddly but lots of fun! Teeny tiny toy free knitting pattern. Spin to Knit - the Knitter's guide to making yarn - by Shannon Okey This is another excellent 'getting started' book, this time aimed at experienced knitters who'd like to knit with their own handspun. Half of the book teaches you to spin and the other half is packed with imaginitive knitting patterns designed with handspun in mind.

They're well-chosen to make you want to get your hands on the fibre and get started! Read my review of Spin to Knit and bag a copy over at Handspinner. Facebook delicious stumbleupon Hunting frogs Yarn 2 Spin is looking for frogs. Not the amphibious kind A simple pair of socks emerge in the strangest fashion.

The first is knit 'toe up', some scrap yarn is knit into the middle and the second sock is knit down to the toe. Because the pair is knit all at once, there will be no second sock syndrome! These cards feature a textured sheep and are blank for your own message. Who doesn't admire beautifully-sculpted facial hair? Those not husuit enough to sport their own home-grown, here's another fun pattern from knitty which allows you to "respect the 'tache", wear a disguise and keep warm all at the same time.

Whether you think the fox is a mischievious cuddly or a pest, wearing one with its face still on now seems grizzly. But the fox stole was a fashion accessory of the 30s. Do you know your cotton from your linen and your jute from your sisal? In this article appearing on knittingdaily. Some beautiful, some grizzly, slightly surreal; all items in this collection of knitted items such as the brain cells in this photo are fascinating and inspired by science. View the photo gallery.

Thanks to Knitting out loud for this one. It reminded me of the molecule knitting charts - phenylalenine, glucose and THC in knitting: Washcloth Puzzle Here's a fascinating idea. Knit a plain washcloth, dye a pattern, unravel it leaving the cast-on stitches and send it to a friend. As they knit the apparently-randomly-dyed yarn, the pattern will re-appear! Read Sectret sheep's blog post. This amazing portrait in crochet was created by knitsandthings. The technique has been developed by Todd Paschall.

He'll also make you a custom pattern from your own photograph. There's also a Ravelry group dedicated to the technique. These tiny things are so fascinating. Sometimes functional, they could be used as miniatures in a doll's house for example, but mostly they are just cute.

Yes, it's true, Lion Brand have published a pattern before Apple's lovely new device has even hit the shops. The pattern is rated 'easy' and one-size-fits-all at about 7 x 10 in.

You will need to register with the Lion Brand website first, but that is free and gives you access to hundreds more free patterns. Originally published in a magazine in , it was a finalist in the readers' choice awards. After one false start I'm feeling so keen to get it finished. Read my blog posts. Lion Brand have introduced a new yarn that has the look of handpainted yarn.

Knitted Lives is a touring exhibtion bringing together knitting, art and women's lives living in Newcastle - all made out of wool. Items from bicycles and standard lamps to lipsticks and powder compacts are made out of wool. Shipley Art Gallery 06 Feb - 14 Mar One of the most ambitious pieces of yarnbombing, or graffiti knitting, saw a woman spend an entire week covering a disused single decker bus in colourful swatches. Three foot high hand-crochet lions are to be created and displayed in a glass taxidermy case as part of the celebrations of culture leading up to the games.

The East Midlands winner is Shauna Richardson, who will crochet the lions herself. The connection with the region and inspiration for the project is Richard the lionheart, whose coat of arms featured three lions. Quick, easy and fun. More of an idea than a pattern, let your creative juices flow. From Anjie Davison - craft, fashion and photography creative inspiration blog. Free pattern for a hairband or fascinator. If you've ordered from me before, you'll know that I dispatch same day if possible, always by the next working day, and always use first class.

I'm sending parcels out as normal, and am hoping that you will order as normal. The post office have said that all post will be delivered, but obviously some may be delayed during the period of the strikes. At best, parcels will be delivered as normal, at worst, I expect that some will be delayed by a day or two. More about free halloween patterns. The Poetry Society felt that the choice of poem was appropriate for the project, and none of the knitters knew what the poem was while they were knitting.

It will then tour to Manchester and beyond. More about the Poetry Society's knitted poem. The Knitting Noras are a group of fundraising knitters from Bolton, who, it says here, get up to all sorts of malarkey. More about the Knitting Noras and their calendar. Our handknitting superheroes appear in their own comic strip, which includes a full knitting pattern every issue beginner to intermediate.

If you are tempted, there are a couple of retailers here in the UK that stock the comic and merchandise. Artists Sundogs were commissioned to produce a piece of work that would turn some heads in Inverness. The gravestone cosy is certainly eye-catching if perhaps a little irreverent?

Though I'd be chuffed to bits if it were me that was lying beneath it. The pattern's online if you want to knit one yourself. DIY knit your own 12ft celtic cross gravestone cosy. Author Wendy Bernard is responsible for this fun, creative and cost-effective way to clone your own body to make a perfect dress form. Still all fired up about Worldwide Spin in Public Day, I've started a Flickr group called Spinning and knitting in public - if you have a Flickr account, just click 'join'.

Go on - you know you want to! Already available in America as Knit Picks Zephyr needles, clear acrylic needle tips are now available here in the UK. The lightweight tips look amazing and are to be called knitPro Spectra here. Not the needles in this case, this KnitPro is a free web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Simply upload jpeg, gif or png images and knitPro will generate a graph sizable for any fiber project.

If you've not yet started to explore the holey world of the 'yarn over' stitch, this free book may be for you. Thanks to Carissa for this round-up of wacky patterns. The autumn issue of Twist Collective is out. It's a special issue as it's their first anniversary! Among the wealth of patterns there's a definite focus on 'tops and toes' - sweaters, hats and socks, with the forthcoming colder weather in mind. Articles include 'Swatch it!

FaveCrafts introduce this great free crochet patterns eBook, which provides 25 original crochet patterns. Macmillan Cancer Support is inviting experts and amateurs alike to pick up their knitting needles and create anything from a single patchwork square to a full blanket.

Macmillan is supported by leading knitting magazine, The Knitter, and designer handknits company Rowan, who have lined up some of the biggest stars of the knitting world to design patterns for the campaign, including Debbie Bliss, Alice Starmore, Meg Swansen, Marie Wallin, Jared Flood and Teva Durham.

The first pattern is in the August issue of The Knitter and all of the patterns are available as a free download from the Macmillan website www. Sock Knitting Round-Up Another great weekly round up by Threadbanger - If you've not knitted a pair of socks, or if you have and want to knit more, this is for you:. Lion Brand has announced that all of its previously paid-for patterns are now available for free.

You do have to join their website to access the patterns. Award-winning sheep breeder Louise Fairburn designed her stunning gown and used wool from her favourite rare Lincoln Longwool. The dress has to be seen to be believed! Here in Britain we've had some hot days but at times it's been difficult to believe that it's summer!

I suppose that means more indoor days for knitting! More reliable than our weather is the Summer issue of Knitty. The latest issue has cool patterns for the summer, and is looking ahead with 'holiday headstart' patterns - warm knits which you can make a start on now and if you knit as slowly as me finish in time for the winter weather.

Holiday headstarts are marked with a snowflake on the patterns page. Other Summery items include How to create a lace chart and this friendly crustacean. Charles Darwin's treasured animal collection, including creepy creatures in jars and a stuffed tortoise, have been recreated by a team of knitters.

The show, called Darwin's Leftovers, includes knitted hummingbirds, fossils, a life-size iguana, tribal souvenirs and a tarantula. Your pattern tells you you need so many ounces of a certain type of yarn, or worse still, doesn't tell you how much yarn you need. How much should you spin? I've made this handy calculator which will work it out for you.

If you want to try something else, Tipnut has a collection of free dishcloth patterns: Twist Collective - Summer 09 issue An online magazine featuring articles and patterns. Among the items in this new Summer 09 issue, Clara Parkes swatches a sock pattern in several different yarns. Twist Collective current issue. We've read about the forthcoming UK Ravelry day in Coventry.

Its aims include supporting British yarn and the International Year of Natural Fibres and will include a market outside building in the Bull Yard square , demonstrations, workshops, talks. So well worth supporting if you're able.

International Year of Natural Fibres: Have you a favourite silly pattern? Knitting Marathon You are invited to take part in a hour knitting marathon next week fri 22 May The group is also putting on produce stalls, information stalls, an art exhibition and afternoon teas on the Friday afternoon.

We've been waiting for a good UK-friendly version of Etsy - could this be it? MISI is an online market place for buying and selling quality craft products. There's some lovely stuff on there, and we've bookmarked the 'bizarre' section. Have you used it to buy or sell? Email me to let me know what you think: Participants are invited to knit or crochet items of particular dimensions: These will be joined together and mounted on the ramparts of the bridge, creating a colourful and thought provoking display of knitted links with the world.

All the items will eventually be sold to raise money for charity. Are you thinking of designing a pattern chart for your next project? This amazing free software might make that job a breeze and will work on your computer, as long as java is enabled in your browser. Intructions are right there on the page, just scroll down. Mr K started with a satellite map of the earth, and "attacked it with computer programs until it was a knitting pattern".

Does anyone want to run with it? If you do, let us know how you get on - info handknitter. This is a gem. What a delight to find this on the web - Knitted Elvis wig pattern. Until now, Mums who needed to express milk had to use expensive prosthetic breasts to learn the necessary skills. The pattern is available for free here. Contact Liverpool Women's Hospital's regional neo-natal unit if you'd like to make and donate one. Row counters and needle gauges now in stock.

Brittany and KnitPro needles and hooks. Shiela Dixon All Rights Reserved. Olympic team at Fibre-East The Woolsack project has had spinners and knitters, crocheters and felters busy making cushions from British wool as a gift for the athletes competing In London this year. Three lions In another Cultural Olympiad project using British wool, Shauna Richardson has spent 18 months to crochet these huge lions and she used 36 miles of wool.

Thanks to Crafty Crafty for sharing http: Stompy the bear So much has gone into this video, it features original music, special effects and lots of knitted stop-motion.

Things that I learned by choosing a lace wedding shawl as my second project Thanks to DiscoB75 for this post which I really enjoyed.

Maths sweater Craft magazine found this sweater which will be fitting for a young maths genius. Olympknits In this amazing stop-motion video, knitted commentator Phil Sportsman takes us through the highlights of the knitted olympics, to help promote the book Olymknits. May the Yarn be With You If you use hand-dyed yarn you may wonder what inspires the dyer.

Graduated granny squares without variegated yarn Thanks to The Creative Crochet Crew for sharing this post from Karen of Colour in a simple life. She gives us the pattern for this granny square blanket with a scalloped edge Read more Knitted wedding Tanya likes to do things differently and her wedding day was just as she had dreamt. Wonderwool Wales If you're within reach then one of the major events in the yarn year, Wonderwool Wales, is happening this Saturday and Sunday 28 and 29 April.

Boobie yarnstorming I keep saying no more yarnbombing stories, but this one raised a smile. Luxury Knitwear Inspired by Brains Fashion designer Brooke Roberts has used x-ray calibration film and brain scans as inspiration for a line of knitwear. Give your creations more 'sole' To make crocheted boots or slippers more hardwearing and outdoor, Cleo shares this idea of using recycled beach shoe soles I'm guessing flip-flop soles.

Beowulf socks These socks feature the opening lines of Beowulf - the words flow from one sock to the other so that you can read the poem across them both.

Nike shoes made like socks Earlier on we saw some hand crocheted boots and shoes with a commercial sole, and here Nike have had the same idea I'd like to think that they went to one of Cleo's workshops and copied the idea. Yeti Party I do look forward to each new update on Anna's slightly mad miniature knitted world.

Crocheted Enterprise crew As a gift for a fellow crocheter and Start Trek fan, janaford made this Next Generation crew based on a Ravelry pattern for Jean-Luc Pickard which she links to. Joining New Yarn I've always joined new yarn by tying a knot and later weaving in the ends preferably at a seam which is the way I was shown.

Selvedges for seaming and raw edges Seasoned knitters will know that slipping the first stitch of a row gives a neater edge or selvedge.

R2D2 intarsia hat I'm not a fan of floaters on the inside of colourwork and prefer intarsia for that reason. Knitwit Tattoo This senior self-proclaimed knitwit has chosen to show her love for yarn and needles on her skin. Olympic yarnbomb Making a big splash in the news is this olympic-standard yarnbomb by a mystery knitter. Crocheted lampshades This image shows a crochet lampshade in progress. Knitted Church Roof A devastated Yorkshire congregation has begun knitting enough squares to cover a church roof after thieves stole the lead, leading to 50, pounds-worth of water damage.

Knit a blanket for an abandoned dog Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is calling on knitters to create blankets for dogs staying with foster carers The dogs take their blankets to their new home so that it will smell familiar in the new place Blanket patterns with paw prints have been created by Lauren O'Farrell who runs knitting site www.

Knitted heart cards Maybe a little late for Valentine's but this free pattern is still quick and simple to make and will be a lovely way to say 'I love you' on any day of the year, or perhaps a great project to use up very small amounts of yarn.

Handspun yarn tattoo A while ago I reported a 'pure wool' tattoo. Yarnvelopes What a great idea. Crocheted Skeleton Scarf An amazing crocheted skeleton design to get under your skin http: Heirloom knits I've only just discovered this website and was sad to see that the author, Judith McLeod-Odell, has passed away.

It accompanies her book of the same name http: Two thirds of youngsters were knitters in Casting off its granny image back in the swinging sixties, young knitters were outnumbering their elderly counterparts.

Legendary knitted outfits If you've ever longed to dress as a knitted piggy pirate or beardy viking, I'm sure you're not alone but Legendary Crafts have the solution! Crochet buttons for your project If you can't find the perfect button for your project, the answer may be to make them yourself from the same or complementary yarn.

Could you knit 'get well soon' teddies? Cute fun free pattern This cute pattern from Lion Brand might be the perfect way to get the young ones working with yarn.

Requires free account at Lion Brand See the pattern Tips for making your yarn go further In this useful blog post from Crochet Me, Toni writes about getting more crochet for your money Read more Bohus knitting Like Fair Isle, Bohus knitting involves more than one colour per row but the Swedish technique uses purl stitches to make the pattern really pop out.

Kathleen Cubley of Knitting Daily gives us an introduction to this vintage knitting technique with tips and a free pattern Read more Crochet chocs for Valentine's There have been so many pink and heart-shaped patterns around in time for Valentine's day, but this one is by far my favourite. Printmaking with knitted samples The telling phrase in this post is "whilst playing". Crocheted room Olek is a Polish-born, New York-based artist. Knitted gardners Sue Ball of Paignton Zoo has knitted caricatures of her work colleagues.

Knitted engine Knitting artist Amy Twigger Holroyd received a very exciting commission, a residency at BMW to knit a three-dimensional exploded view of an engine. Five steps to knit a great fit It's easy to dive in to a new pattern only to find that it doesn't fit when finished, which is frustrating given the amount of work involved. A Spectrum of Santas! New range of needles I've taken delivery of a new range of hooks and needles, made from ebony and rosewood with the most exquisite finish.

Cabled tableware Danielle Spector of Reshape Studio has produced these amazing 'knitted' tableware designs in porcelain. How to Make and share a Knitting Chart in Excel Rebecca of Chemknits has written this tutorial in three parts about producing and share a knitting chart. Summer flies Do your knitting habits change with the seasons?

In response to this, Stefanie Japel has put together her top five free summer patterns. Ancient woolly sock Kate of Needled writes as beautifully as she takes photographs. Ultimate Extreme Knitting What's the most extreme way of knitting you can think of?

Blogpick - Mochis When I read 'knitted ball pool' I got very excited. Drop Spindle Spinning If you're a knitter or just curious about spinning, then this free eBook is for you! A woolly underwater world Last year I reported on Textile artist Alison Murray's piece 'Above and Below the Waves' Alison has created a huge seaside scene involving 2, knitters.

You can catch a glimpse on the BBC's website: Landmark project Cafe owner Peter Allinson spent six months on and off - which is my main method too knitting his own version of the Brighton Royal Pavilion. Customers find that their teapot is covered with one of Mr Allison's own tea cosies. With thanks to KnittyBlog for sharing. Saori weaving Pam finds this technique expressive and relaxing. Read the post If weaving grabs you and you want to go a little further, check out the rigid heddle loom and more portable knitter's loom.

The Amazing Yarn Man Looking slightly sinister and just a little too lifelike, as if he's about to get up and walk around, this is the Amazing Yarn Man. Project Spectrum Project Spectrum is an opportunity to celebrate a different colour or colour group every month. Anne's Knitting Takes a Spin! Read the post More information about learning to spin. Follies of gauge The title suggests that this might be a jibe at gauge, but it's quite the opposite. Blogpick - Flower Scarf She's not sure whether to call it a scarf or a necklace, but Dorien of Just-Do has knitted this beautiful neckpiece featuring tulips, bluebells and oxeye daisies.

Knitted cake for Royal Wedding Have you heard the rumour that an important young couple are getting married this week?

Invasive Crochet Looking like cobwebs, which I think is a nice disparaging comment on the razor wire, this work contrasts cosy, homely, decorative crochet against the hard and defensive urban environment. With thanks to Dudecraft for sharing.

Funny, Frustrating, Frugal, Fancy Fairisle I have yet to pluck up the courage to attempt to knit two colours in the same row, but this great post from Knit Nottingham is a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting, also known as stranded knitting. One more row Old knitters never die, they just unravel. Knitted Flying Scotsman Knitted by pattern designer Clare Scope-Farrell, this accurate three feet 91 cm model is complete with firebox and even a fire. Dark Side of the Loom Made by aldoaldoz and shared by craftzine.

Tunisian crochet tutorial Tunisian crochet involves a long hook or a hook with a cable to hold the stitches. Similar in style but using a different stitch is knooking In this post from the Crochet Me blog, Sarah talks about Tunisian crochet and describves the most simple stitch with illustrations, and links to further information. Knitted bra-fillers for mastectomy patients I have reported before about knitted boobs being made as breastfeeding training aids, but this group of women, who call themselves the 'Knitty Titty Committee' are making artificial breasts for mastectomy patients.

Clever husband When goldilox needed a circular needle in an emergency, her husband came to the rescue and built this needle from an ordinary needle and some strimmer cord. Knitting Needle Lane Compatriot of mine and sock-addict josiekitten has snapped this street sign while sporting her new scarf in Wells-next-the-Sea. How to knit a giant Lego brick doorstop lizzyastro has published this 'instructable' about how to knit a giant lego brick doorstop.

Stop-motion Amigurumi This soon-to-be cute little bear is crocheted before your eyes, while other figures watch and dance around in this stop motion video. An amazing video, well done to the author. K Factor - so you think you can knit? Patterns in the book include a knitted Simon Cowell. The Value of Color The main picture on this post grabbed my attention Santa Fe Shawl, Interweave Crochet, Summer but the rest of the blog post is interesting and useful too.

Read the blog post If colour theory grabs you, then you might enjoy these three episodes of Yarnspinners Tales which really are an absorbing and enlightening conversation. Follow the link and look for episodes 54, 55 and 56 Yarnspinners Tales Podcast. Knitted room for homeless charity Volunteers have been knitting a full-size room to raise funds for homeless charity Emmaus.

Monica Crow said that "as you start doing things, more ideas come" and that it has "growed like topsy" The room, in Brighton, will be open to the public in the Spring. Happy birthday Virginia Woolf It's Virginia Woolf's birthday today, 25 january, and she was a knitter, as this portrait painted by her sister Vanessa Bell shows.

World's biggest yarn stash - update This lady is called Bonney, and her name gets mentioned when people talk about who has the largest yarn stash.

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