The Best Panties for Men

Mar 17,  · The Best Panties for Men: Full Brief Panties According to the experts (me and my commenting crew), full brief panties are the best type of panties for a man who wears panties for several reasons. roeprocjfc.gas:

I like Warner's medium control especially in the gym. Our free shipping facilities can guarantee that the product will reach you in days. I absolutely love wearing the no panty line promise bikini and hipster panties. I love to wear panty hose they feel so good I have been wearing them for a long time they are the first thing I put on in the morning I wear them to work. Large fits my 38" waist nicely.

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Sep 29,  · All of my panties including Thongs and Gstrings are designed to fit me and men like who love to wear them, by two lovely understanding ladies and yes ladies and made out of the same material and fabric that women's sexy underwear is made from.
A Men who like to wear women’s Panties is more than just a man. Is more sensitive, sees and reacts to a broader part of the spectrum the world has to offer, and understands society better, including women.
Men's Underwear Hanes Men's Underwear gives you unbeatable comfort, fit, style and innovation—all at a value that could only be Hanes. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs or boxer briefs, you'll find Hanes has all the comfort features you want including tag-free .
Find great deals on eBay for mens nylon panties. Shop with confidence.
Best Material: Nylon

More Fitting Advice Panty Fitting Shapewear Fitting Slip Fitting Nursing and Maternity Men's Underwear Sizing Lingerie for Men. Panty Fitting. Let's be honest, if your underpants don't fit right, you're going to be miserable all day. Are you sure you know how panties are supposed to fit? Take a quick look at our checklist to make sure.

My wife bought me my first 5 pairs. I only wear bikini panties solid colors silky but no lace. I am a boy of 16 and I likes to wear girls undergarments, bra. I love very much to girls undergarments. Even i worship the god by wearing bra and panties.

I also like girls jewelry. Pls help me by send mail on my email. I am ready to give my pic in bra. I have been wearing since I was 10 and have progressed over the years to wearing most all kinds of sexy undergarments. I believe most men on here will be reluctant to tell all or to even express to what length they have or are willing to go. I would love to find a girl that accepts this , especially in the bedroom but there are very few woman out there that would do so.

I love sex with a woman but being able to wear lingerie and have sex with a woman would be great. I admire beautiful woman and wish I could be them and experience all there is to feel but I am stuck in my body as a strait acting male. I am a guy who likes to wear panties with girls short shorts. I am interested in finding a couple who will help me fulfil a fantasy of being dominated while wearing girls clothing. I wear a size 5 in panties. Is there anyone in the SW part of Kansas.

I love wearing full size cotton band leg briefs under my short shorts, especially short shorts with wide leg openings which allow someone a peek should I bend over or spread my legs when sitting.

When out for a walk, I sometimes pull the shorts up just high enough to show a slight sliver of the band legs. I wear a size 8. Get my short shorts from thrift stores, usually size XL. Undies usually Carole brand from BeallsFlorida.

I have been wearpanties for 10 years. I am sure they have shone a few times when bending over. My wife asked me if I was gay. If somemakes you feel better, wear them.

My favorite are soft lace and pink briefs. They fit the best and are cool and loose. I have seen many men wearing panties in the locker room. It is more common place these days.

Interesting that these men are married, and not gay. I have been wearing them for many years and have even had compliments by women who have see me in them. I go for comfort any day of the week as do others. Your email address will not be published. Call Us - Call- Shop Last Chance. We not only promise high-quality products, but we also pay attention to other aspects that would contribute to the convenience of the customers. We understand the tiresome waiting period that you, as a customer shall have to go through before you can finally get your product in your hands.

Our free shipping facilities can guarantee that the product will reach you in days. Besides that, if you want the delivery on a specific day, there are options for that too. Waist Measurement Measure your waist by placing the tape measure around the natural indentation or break in your waist. Hip Measurement Measure the fullest part of your hips, making sure the tape measure remains parallel to the floor. September 8, at 1: July 23, at 2: October 28, at 7: November 14, at December 19, at 3: April 1, at 1: October 5, at 8: December 30, at 9: January 13, at 6: January 17, at 5: January 21, at 5: February 3, at February 13, at 9: February 20, at 7: July 23, at August 12, at 1: It seems that our Lovely Panties are uniquely popular with men because our stretchy soft fabrics, real elastics and classic styles with nice front coverage allow everyone to enjoy the fit and feel of Fancy Satin Panties.

This seems to get Men flustered more than anything else. I would guess that Panty shopping could easily be filled with disappointment for most Men since the majority probably shy away from the lingerie fitting rooms. After all, our own Panty disappointments led us to create our own brand! So this is super simple: This is a good starting point, you may need to go up or down a size depending on the style you choose and your body type, but we will happily exchange sizes to give you the Perfect Panty fit!

When in doubt choosing your Katie and Laura's Panty size, order the larger size. Well, what are you waiting for: Oh no sweetheart, we only have real Panties for you! What is the Best Panty style for Men to wear? We constantly get asked this question. That is just a matter of your personal choice and taste. With our stretchy soft fabrics, real elastics, and nice front coverage all of our styles will give men the coverage, comfort and support to enjoy wearing our Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panties all day!

No, we don't make special panties with wide gussets for Men, but our lovely stretch satin is very accommodating for all body types. Will we ever make Panties designed just for Men? No, we know absolutely nothing about men's underwear except that it is horrid LOL. Will we ever use male models? No, that would misrepresent our products. Some companies do make "female-looking lingerie designed to be worn by men" but this is not us, and we do not want to create confusion or disappointment.

Are we just trying to sell Panties to men? Actually, we probably lose some women shoppers by expressing our opinions, and by openly defending what is "taboo" to a minority. So in reality, we are probably hurting our overall sales, but this page is about doing the right thing.

Sorry men, with real elastics come real Panty Lines. Now while it is true that looser fitting Panties will give less visible Panty Lines, this just might compromise the support you need to be comfortable. Thinking I was a pervet, she divorced me.

After that I started buying them myself. I like jockey no panty line promise breif style. The material is soft an very confortable. All you said was right on! And full length briefs are great! I have been warring full figure silk women's under ware sinese I was a teen age I am 72 now just look the feel like you don't have nothing on ware them with nylons at same time love lagers sheer. Make me feel good ware them all the time just about every day make me feel like I wish I was a women so I could ware all there close to go out.

Interestingly, I see several other male commenters who like Jockey as I do. My only complaint, and I've send this from numerous reviews, is the lack of 3-packs in the same color. I prefer black, but have to shop at JCPenney to get multiples of black. I'd rather purchase direct from Jockey because they are a good company. Been warring full figure silk women's under ware for over 40 years and nylons just love the feel of silk.

Make me wish I was a women some times there clothes feel so good. I been warring full figure silk under water since I was a teen ager and love the feel of them i get them a little big so they are kind of loose just feel so good make me feel like I wish I was a women all there close feel so good I. I absolutely love wearing the no panty line promise bikini and hipster panties.

I have the best fitting panties, they are bikini jockey no panty line promise. I wear size 5 they fit like a clove and have full frontal coverage. The material is great. My wifes loves them on mr. Jockey suggested the elance and no panty line promise as alot of guys are wearing them and they are getting alot of calls. I love wearing women's panties. I prefer a jockey string bikini item number as my go to panty. I usually wear item to work.

Being lacy or pretty colors and plus my little secret under my jeans or gym wear. I wear silky panties every day. My wife wears silky thongs from v s. Satin or nylon bikinis are the best. Lately I've been buying maiden form panties. I love nylon briefs they feel good and wear good i like dixie belle panties and have a drawer full of panties would like to get some vf pamties but just can't get any. Some day maybe it'll happen i have slips 3. Tend to wear matching sets as lady that get my Primadonna things from asked me if do i said yes said good so look smart!

Hope you are right on about the best panties for men being nylon briefs. I have tried several different brands and it is HARD to decide which are my favorites. If I had to pick one though, it would be the Bali Skimp Skamp with the back seam. They cover all of me, and love the soft feel and full coverage. I also like Vanity Fair Ravissant and Shadowline. Actually I believe all of these panties are made for men as well as women.

My wife calls me Sherry when I am dressed and made up, I have been wearing sexy panties, bras and nighties for years about a year ago my wife prompted me to get into suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then make up and wigs, now I have progressed to blouses and skirts, full cross dressing but I am straight we both just love it and currently only do it at home but I am getting keen to go for a walk in the park with her.

I like the vanity Fair nylon full cut brief panties in my size of 12 there very comfortable on me and they feel wonderful I love to wear ladies nylon full cut brief panties in my size of I've come to prefer hi-cut and regular briefs. I still like the VF string bikini. I've learned that the first ones I purchased were a size too small so the gusset was smaller and the waist a bit tight. I suppose we tend to think we're smaller than we really are.

My wife complains that some bras of her usual size are too tight. When I suggested she try a larger one she emphatically objected --but she's okay with adding the band extender. I also like to wear Sloggi Sensations, they fit very well and come in micro fabric.

I would love to have some silk panties but they are just too expensive. I lean towards a full brief,but like a hi-cut too! A medium brief is the best,it all depends on brand and style!!!!! I prefer hi cut briefs, preferably with just a little lace around the waist and leg openings. You are absolutely right -- full brief panties made of nylon are 1 for me. Oh sure, I like satin and silk too, but when it comes to style, it's full briefs.

I love the feeling. I like how they look, too. For me I love the snug feeling of a microfiber or sheer bikini or brief. Also the tanga type cut that gives a little ride up. Thongs are great certain cut though. I agree herroom is a great resource, plus you can get back shots to see what you actually will be getting. Thanks everyone, I don't feel to strange now, wife thinks it is cute and made comments that I will end up having more panties than her.

Just waiting for her to get me more. Yes, Hope, full brief panties are the most enjoyable, primarily for reasons 2 and 3. I found online what appears to be an excellent set of a dozen new vintage style silky full size nylon panties each with a small and pretty floral design embroidered on the front. The panties come in various pastel colors along with maybe a black, red or white one, along with the ultimate color for panties, pink.

One must always ask, too, what will feel best with wearing a full slip, or two, while sliding between satin sheets. Now that you have provided folks with some good information to use in selecting panties, we all need to remember it only makes sense to hand wash our panties and other silky toys so they will last for a good while. My wife showed me where a recent purchase of mine was slightly ripped in the washing machine. That and learning from you about the ongoing damage that washing machines can do has sold us on the fact that panties, slips and the like should only be hand washed.

Dead on with your research! Full cut for everyday wear, but on the special occasions.. Don't like the microfibers or the cotton, not a big fan of the panties that look like something a guy would wear.

Why not jut get the white BVD jockeys for men? I'm a nylon brief guy too, have been for decades. Growing up most gf's wore nylon briefs. I wore hipsters for several years, but for the last ten years it's nylon briefs and a few cotton Bali Freeform are my favs. These all come in every color out there and many with double nylon crotch. A lot of guys love Vanity Fair, but for me the elastic is too tight and the waist seam falls on my left hip bone and hurt!

Back in the day VF's were one of the best but these days they use cheap nylon and they stopped using a pillow tab over the seam. Check out Shop National for their Nylon Tricot 6 pack. Awesome briefs in pretty colors and arguably the finest panties I've ever owned.

Love the elastic, it makes them fit perfectly, oh and they're Carole's. I try all the styles but always come back to the nylon brief with a double nylon quest as my favorite.

Full briefs are way too high, Kayser Hi-cut bikini are great, plenty of material to hold everything in, not too big to make your ass look like the back end of a double-decker bus, nice lace lace triangle in front. Hope, I think you should follow this artice up with a poll about the Best or Favorite brands. Been wearing panties since my teens. Bearlythere are also very good this way.

Come on now as long as there panties i luv 'em!! My wife sometimes goes panty shopping with me but most of the time I go buy my own. I tend to enjoy wearing size 8 Vanity Fair, Vassarette, and Warners the most as the seem to fit the best and it seems that Vanity Fair is more of a unisex panty since the stopped sewing the front of the crotch on several of their panties and this eliminates the front seam.

As for styles I wear most I have about 6 or 7 pairs of full brief panties and they fit nice but I am like a lot of the guys that have posted here I am relatively very small down south so panties fit me almost like they were made for me, but I don't do thongs! I just wish that more men and their wives would open up more to the fact that men do wear panties and they are not a freak or sicko because they choose to do so. Yep, nylon full cut panty briefs are very nice, but honestly hi-cuts or bikinis or hipsters feel sexier and naughtier.

I love the hanes her way full cut briefs, and the hi cut briefs. I found that walmart carries the best selection in colors and price.

For those of us who are less well endowed; a nice high cut, hip brief or hipster offers plenty of coverage without having to worry about panty waistbands showing above your pants.

I second the recommendation of VF Illuminations. Great going to the Doctor panties if you are willing to be that out but don't want to wear anything too lacy. I like hi rise panties the best, and bikinis second. I never have a problem peeking out. I like sheer and microfiber fabrics the best. I like thongs the most because I not only like the feel of panties but also the sexy look of them. Thongs just look more sexy to me than full briefs. You sure those are Bali?

Ehh doesn't matter really, they look really comfortable Now, that's for all day wear Seriously now, what do you have against cotton panties? I love a soft cotton string or standard bikini panty for every day or weekend wear I guess that's why I like womens underwear so much more than mens Personnally, I like all styles, I wear the style according to my mood.

Somestimes, a full brief with pantyhose under my jeans or other times, a thong with a garterbelt and stockings under my business suit.

Bali Full-Cut-Fit Cotton Brief Panties Male customer's feedback: "A great unisex brief. Wide gusset works for men, and the light stretch fabric is way more comfortable than men's briefs.". Mar 17,  · The Best Panties for Men: Full Brief Panties According to the experts (me and my commenting crew), full brief panties are the best type of panties for a man who wears panties for several reasons. roeprocjfc.gas: Katie and Laura's guide to help Men find the proper fit and size when they are wanting to buy women's Panties. Also some tips for Men wearing women's panties, and info that women may wish to know about their Men who have a Panty wearing preference.