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Find great deals on eBay for swag outfit. Shop with confidence.
Find great deals on eBay for swag outfit. Shop with confidence.
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Not sure what to do with your wedding dress collecting dust in your closet taking up precious square footage OR those bridesmaid dresses the bride swore you could wear again but never will?

The outfits are handmade by volunteers and donated to NICU and hospitals, who then give them to grieving parents in order to ease their suffering and funeral logistics. All proceeds go towards raising awareness and prevention of sex trafficking and at-risk youth in the city. It seems to be a very religious non-profit, which focuses heavily on Christian reform and moral guidelines.

Make A Wish But for Couples — Wish Upon A Wedding is a nonprofit organization that grants weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance. All approved ceremonies are completely free to the couple through wedding professional donations. Support the Troops — Through wedding gown donations, Brides Across America gives free wedding dresses no older than five-years to keep fashions fresh to military brides and fiancés.

The idea is to ease the financial and planning burden of associated with weddings and being in the military. The giveaway event is hosted twice a year across the country at participating bridal salons. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Brides must provide several examples of financial-need proof first though. And those donating a wedding gown or any other formal wear are asked to provide some monetary assistance min. Your donation is tax deductible. The store accepts wedding dresses and accessories no older than Dress for Success — The mom and pop, non-profit store, Cherie Amour in Maryland, accepts wedding gowns, other formal attire and accessories — even vintage and antique dresses.

They take care of dry cleaning too. I also love your toiletry bag — so pretty! Yeah — I would pack more nursing pads — I kept soaking through them when the milk came in. But you may not be in the hospital so long — and I bet they have them.

I gave birth in a German hospital, and they keep patients there a long time, so I needed a lot of stuff. I will admit, when I was researching what to bring on various blogs, I had a hard time, becuase people have such opposite opinions!

I will say these things: I did the same thing. It was nice to not have to have everything all at once, making the room feel very small. If I were you, I would leave the diaper bag, and the clothing bag in the car, until you have delivered. Then matt can get the baby bag and clothes bag after labor. Yes, all the bags end up the room, but for a shorter amount of time. It just takes up space. THe hospital should have plent of pillows for you to use.

Oh, and I had an almost 10 pounder, and he fit in his newborn going home outfit. BUT, it was a fleece sleeper by Carters, which I find run big. I wanted to dress him in it, because it was the first thing we ever bought for him. Until we went home, he stayed in the kimono shirt and swaddle blanket provided by the hospital.

It soothes and heals those sensitive nipples and hopefully will keep you from needing it! Good luck and congratulations! I would definitely pack some snacks for Matt. My water started breaking at 3 am and it was a while before my sister came with food for him. The Boppy came in handy when nursing and also when the baby was with me. I was also going to suggest the Boppy! It was one of the things I had my husband go home to get. Nursing was so much easier with it.

I also ended up needing my breast pump. And at any rate, she helped me get it set up and showed me how to use it properly, so it was good just for that. Plus, pants are inconvenient because they will be coming in and checking our pad and pressing on you for about 24 hours.

You will be starving! Yours might, but either check first or be prepared. Plus, the hospital food might suck.. Yes pants will be a pain. I brought an older dress that was a bit low cut: From what I can tell in the picture, it looks like you only have 2 pairs of pants? I would also pack some sleeper outfits for baby kerf, something with footies as they get kind of could easily in the beginning. Love that red top from maternity!! Hi Kath, Can I ask you to share how you selected a hospital? Was it due to your doctor being affiliated with it or was there some other criteria you were looking to meet?

People here have great suggestions! Instead ask people to bring you FOOD! I thought I would hate those hospital pads too, but I ended up using those things because I had so much bleeding at first. If your hospital has the ice pack pads, use them!!

Those things felt so good after birth, and I even took a few home to use for the next couple of days. I agree on more snacks for both of you, a playlist and chapstick.

Even though I had an IV for hydration, my lips were still chapped! One thing that really helped with lower back pain was a homemade massager made by placing two tennis balls inside of a tube sock and tying it shut. This will depend on your state, but when the woman came to fill out the birth certificate paperwork, we needed to submit a check with the form. Luckily I had a random check stuck in my wallet for emergencies. They will try to sell it to you though.

The hospital usually fills out the paperwork and sends it to your county or state for the birth certificate portion. Once you get the birth certificate from the county or state they mail it to you , you can apply for a SS on your own. You are going to do great!!!! This post might be helpful for you! The KERF onesie is great! No one will get him mixed up in the nursery with your name right on him! Chapstick is there — 11 in toiletries!! Money comes with the wallet on the last minute list Boppy also on the last minute list I will happily wear the hospital pads if needed: Added to the list: I think you should consider the gowns your mom suggested.

Just get something inexpensive ftom Target or Walmart. So much easier to deal with than pants. Things can be messy. The gown will cover you better for walking around in the room etc. Gowns are easier to deal with with pads etc. Pants get all twisted in bed too! Such a sweet time in your life. Precious memories are about to be made. Eh, go with whatever you are comfortable with.

I did black yoga pants! I am not a nightie fan myself and yoga pants and a tank were comfortable for the slow painful roll out of bed to hobble to the bathroom, appropriate for visitors of all kinds um, yeah a priest stopped by? However, some things that my midwifes suggested:. I find it odd but decided to go with it. It would provide much needed calories. And they suggested orange juice after the labor to help with recovery and low blood sugar. A couple more random things: I fully recommend taking a few of them now, adding a bit of water so they swell, and freeze them.

If you tear, it can be really nice so I have been told. You may end up wearing hospital stuff the entire time. Dear loving family member, where do you suggest they put it in their 4 door compact car? In the backseat on top of the baby? I agree with the frozen pads! My doula suggested we have them on hand. I soaked mine in aloe witch hazel and had them in the freezer for afterwards… SO helpful!! Just in case you were interested, I came across a few websites that offer an alternative to those drab, sometimes yucky hospital gowns.

Then again, KERF probably means a ton to the both of you and it must be hard to find such tiny little clothes. Does Great Harvest make any baby gear? We just wanted something personalized and meaningful — and this was lovingly handmade by a blog reader. I thnk I may have left this comment before, but I really wish I had taken some two piece outfits for the kiddo.

An infant tee and pants would have really made me feel better. PS — I had a totally average uneventful pregnancy. There was absolutely no way to know this kid would end up going to the NICU. Very organized and comprehensive. All you need is yourself. Just pack your envitote in your car and use it to transport them home.

Dump all the water out of the vases right before you leave the hospital and refill them when you get home. This is such an exciting time in your life, enjoy it all! Definitely a pillow from home and chapstick, like others have said. Even a cheap 5 dollar Target pillow would have been so nice.

I think you might want the big pads in the end too, but just see how it goes obviously! They get cold easily in the beginning. I would have a plan for visitors. It is difficult to know how you will feel afterwards.

And you are likely to spend most of your hospital stay not fully-clothed. It seemed like every time the baby was finally settled and I had a few moments to rest myself, a visitor would arrive.

I am not sure if each hospital is different, but in ours, they would just arrive at the door nurses would buzz them in. With my first child I remember getting up to use the bathroom for the first time and being confronted by a bunch of well-meaning family members at the door to the room.

You may want to ask the nurses ahead of time to give you some warning before admitting visitors or you may want to ask people to only visit during certain times. I also agree with asking them to not bring gifts to the hospital.

You will have a ton of stuff to get home. I felt like such a grouch those first few days because I found it so difficult to deal with visitors. Perhaps having a plan ahead of time will make it easier. I had a nice gown made for me with my first baby and it got ruined. I was shocked with how messy it is after birth. You will definitely need and appreciate the hospital pads and mesh undies.

Extra padding is what you need to be comfortable at that time anyway, fluffy is good. Ok, forgive me if this has been mentioned, but you might want to pack wipes into that diaper bag….. Especially if you think you are going to use that diaper. Definitely bring the nursing cover, but just so you know you will probably want to kick out guests when you need to nurse.

You also should call for a nurse for every single feeding so they can help you with latch and such. I credit that plus a home visit from a lactation consultant to my breastfeeding success. All the nurses had different tips and ideas of what to try.

Also, think about splitting up your bags to before baby during labor and after baby. One of my favorite things my mom brought me was a fan — I used it during all 3 of my labors and it was sooooooooo nice because I was hot almost the whole time. Just a paper or woven reed fan works great — the more breeze the better! I had my baby two weeks ago and had a similarly comprehensive list of stuff… two packed bags, plus my body pillow.

Un fortunately, I was already 7cm dilated when we got to the birth center and the only thing I ended up pulling out were our going home outfits and a single granola bar!

We were also so busy hauling everything down to the car that we forgot to bring the car seat with us! Thank goodness the birth center is only 5 minutes away. Sounds like you have everything well thought out and planned. Everybody is different and has different preferences and I am sure you will figure out what works best for you when you get there. I ditched the hospital gown pretty quickly after the boy was born. I was at the hospital for 5 days and my only regret was not having enough of my own clothes!

Next time I am leaving extra of everything in the trunk of the car just in case. By the way the BEST nursing tank I have found is the cheapy long and lean tank top in the juniors department at Target.

Inexpensive, stretchy and a boatload of colors. I have at least 15 and still wear them everyday. Great for layering pieces as well. And I thought I was the only overplanner in this family, haha. One thing you might want to add to your clothing bag is a long or short dress nightgown on the very off-chance you wind up having an emergency c-section. Oh, and I love that beer is on the list. We did our hospital tour this weekend and noticed they had a mini-fridge in both the delivery and recovery room.

And yes, long nightgown is great for after a C section or pants that have a very high waist band. You never know if you are going to need one. Best to be prepared. And hopefully, you have a C section Birth plan as well.

Kath, if I had even a fraction of your methodical nature, I would be superwoman. Baby nail clippers or nail scissors. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I found the towels at our hospital were really small. I really prefer to have a big comfy towel so I packed my towels for my second birth and I was SO glad I did!

Maybe I am just fussy about towels. You probably will only want to wear the mesh underwear the hospital provides…it is so much lighter than any pair of cotton undies…esp if you have a c section u wont want even the slightest bit of elastic around your abdomen. Its nice just to throw the mesh ones away — i took some home from the hospital. Please forgive me…I do not know what a placental encapsulation is. Are you going to consume the placenta? May I ask what that does please? I LOVE that you have beer on the to pack list.

My husband brought beer too homebrew. I have a picture of him drinking one, while holding baby, only hours after he was born. I had my little boy Sept. I just had a baby boy 2. One thing I had packed that I ended up loving was a short sleeve button down pajama top in a fun print with bright colors mine looked like Lilly Pulitzer, but I got it on super clearance at TJ Maxx — it was purple, yellow and green floral print.

When we were alone in the hospital room, I just walked around in the undies and button down top and then when we had visitors, I would get in bed with the hospital blankets on so no one could see anything. The button down top was very convenient for breastfeeding and I liked wearing something bright and fun since you are so tired and out of it — it helped me feel pretty when there was so much craziness going on! Try to take home as many as you can. I got enough to last a week after we got home and I wish I had more.

The showers are not gross. They are cleaned everyday. Although, I will admit you get lost in time…postpartum time ;P. I wore loose fitting, cotton pants post-partum. Yes I was told by the staff that anything the size of a lemon or smaller is normal. I did pass some big clots all 3 deliveries but not sure any were quite THAT big!

It sucks not having a fridge at the new place, but just remember it is NOT a group fridge. So, your stuff might get thrown away by dietary. So, bring that mini cooler. MJ… no children that are not siblings under the age of If you have a baby book bring it so they can do the newborn foot and hand prints in there at the same time they do the ones for the hospital records.

I wore a nursing nightgown and was so happy to have it. It is easy access and cute. I have pictures of myself in the hospital gown and my gown and am much happer with the latter. I bought three and still wear all of them 10 months later.

They have a built in bra and are comfy like a normal nightgown. I have a dear friend who took pictures of me throughout my pregnancy, and when he came to the hospital after the birth, it was time to nurse during his visit. There is a gorgeous shot of my husband watching me do my best, and I cherish that picture because I can see him, my daughter, and myself all working toward making breastfeeding work.

It has been a long road for us, and seeing that moment is really important to me. The pads and underwear are unnecessary. There will be a ton of blood and clots you will be passing for the first hours after birth. Plain old Always pads are not going to cut it. Same for the underwear.

But they are SO comfy and stretch enough to hold the pad and ice packs if you need them. The hospital will provide diapers for the baby, but having an extra just in case is never a bad thing. Though I would add wipes, also just in case.

And I never felt like putting on make up or jewelry. But you may, so you never know. Yea the mesh undies were definitely comfortable! Plus the stretch a lot, perfect for the ice fill diapers my hospital gave me for the swelling and pain. But I took undies towear home. Lastly, I brought my blank thank you notes so I could jot one down when I had a few spare minutes. So excited for you — becoming a mom is an amazing experience! This may be a dumb question and as I type I have a guess of an answer- why prenatals after you deliver?

Is it cause of breast feeding? Most gowns are made for women who will be laying in bed with an epidural—not ones who want to be mobile and walking around. A jogabra and a sarong usually work great as does a long tee shirt. Looks like you packed perfectly, I wish I had brought my Boppy! Although looking back, everything is a blur.

You are lucky Matt will be there with you. My hubby had to go home at night to be with our dogs! What if you brought in a medication that interfered with something they had to give you? Bad news bears all around. Ours had a disposable cover on it but I can also see why you would want your own.

Thank god our doula was there to help. Have extra hand soap at home, too. I was surprised at how quickly we went through what we had on hand. It was great fun seeing your packing items all laid out and numbered and explained so meticulously! How exciting, everything looks great! How about a washcloth?

I really could have used one from home when I went into labor. My face got all flushed and hot with pushing with my first son and it felt good when they put a washcloth that was run under cold water and wrung out then placed on my face. I see you have lip balm…a must! I forgot mine and my lips got so dry during labor I just kept licking my lips, it was awful. As others mentioned, I hope your pj bottoms were not too pricey, I bled pretty heavy with one of my pregnancies, as soon as I stood up even with mega pads…TMI…but you can guess.

I had my babies footprints taken for ours and grandparent baby books too! Best wishes for a smooth delivery Kath! The Lactation Consultant in our hospital provided gel nursing soothing pads for sore nipples — they were a lifesaver! With our 2nd I brought my own box.

I delivered at MJH only 2 weeks ago so this is very fresh in my mind! Like you, I overpacked and packed mostly everything you have listed. Also, you will probably want Matt to bring you meals, probably from Whole Foods because the food is less to be desired.

Definitely try the wonderful jacuzzi tub, it was a lifesaver! This is going to be such a helpful post once I need this. I hardly ever comment but regularly visit and since I have baby fever right now and my best friend is pregant I especially love your babykerf site!

Keeping the fingers crossed for you during the next weeks!! If you have one you should bring a sleep mask, I used mine a lot, especially since there were a lot of daytime naps, my husband even used it!

We also used a white noise app on our phones to drown out the hospital noises while sleeping. I would check with your doc about the prenatals, mine had me hold off taking them while I was in the hospital to prevent any further problems with constipation. I had so much fun packing our bags too! I had special bath products too! The first shower after after giving birth was possibly the BEST shower of my life!

So having special products made it super indulgent. Wishing you all the best! I just looked and I cant get it in australia or even shipped here! Can you tell me where you got all those cute bags? I think we ended up having someone run us a couple measly tylenol.

Thank you so much for your expertise! How much has it helped? I am now a single mom about to have my forth baby. I am really going to need my 15 yr old daughters help more than ever. She is going to have to grab almost everything for the hospital and drive me to the hospital being that I am doing this alone this time.

I really appreciate everything you all are putting on here. Best wishes to all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! White Noise app, love it! Thx v helpful list to review and good comments! My husband was sort of surprised I even packed it, but it was soooo nice.

Went a long way in making a normally not-so-great experience so much more tolerable. Anyway, proved really useful. I just looove the bag from the first picture! Definitely remember to pack the chargers, nothing worse than having a flat battery when you want to take a few newbie snaps. Must tell you I love your bags.. Especially your baby bag and entertainment bag.. I need to know the brand and where you got it from? Is it available on Amazon. Thanks and the Entertainment Bag? What material is it… Seems handy and big enough to dump stuff in it.

I know this is years later, but where did you get the darling black and white and teal cosmetic bag with all of the inserts?! Thank you so much for this! Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

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