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Denim Coats Swing Coats Pink Coats Black Coats Long Sleeve Coat Casual Army Green Coat Bomber Coat Belted Black Wool Coat When winter and fall arrive, we know is time for put on a parka coats that protects us from the cold and at the same time make us look fabulous and stylish.

The coat then made its way across the Atlantic for a third appearance, this time with the American Navy. Also, since they can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, just about anyone can find one to fall in love with. These are a simple and stylish way to finish any look. Guaranteed by Tue, Oct If you enjoy outdoor sports in the winter then this coat will most likely be just what you want.

Confidently style your outdoor wear by layering one of these bold yet affordable pea coats that do not compromise on functional warmth and modern cuts. At such fabulous prices, these make hip and tailored separates that are great for the season and effortlessly complement your chilly weather ensembles.
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Slip into a classic style that navies have boasted since the s. Versatile, comfortable, stylish men's pea coats look great with a suit or a T-shirt and jeans. Pea coats are closely fitted, and they have a double row of large buttons and double-breasted construction for a fashionable, put together look.
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Men's peacoat jackets and coats are great to wear in cold weather because of the durable and warm wool that they are typically made of. Many vintage varieties are typically made of melton wool material, making them heavy-duty and incredibly warm.

While wool is a durable material, it may require more care to clean than cotton clothing, so read the tag inside your coat for specific instructions. Peacoat jackets and coats are designed to be worn in cold conditions, protecting you from rain and snow if the weather happens to turn nasty.

However, it is important to note that these coats are generally water resistant, not waterproof. If you have a variety that is not mostly wool, it may not be water resistant.

Wool naturally repels water, preventing it from soaking easily into the jacket, but this material is not completely impermeable to water, meaning that water can seep through the fibers if you walk in heavy rain or snow for longer periods. Between uses, it is important to store these jackets properly to maintain their quality and shape. Hang them on a broad and sturdy hanger to ensure the shoulders of the coat keep their shape. Store them in a dry closet or space with plenty of air flow to ensure that the material doesn't crumple and that the jacket doesn't absorb surrounding smells or develop a musty smell that can be hard to remove.

They can also be stored in a coat bag to protect the jacket from dust. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Guaranteed by Mon, Oct Guaranteed by Wed, Oct Guaranteed by Tue, Oct Got one to sell? You May Also Like. Mens Xl Hollister Winter Coat. Men's Peacoat Coats and Jackets Peacoats can make a great addition to your cold-weather wardrobe, as they are highly fashionable, can be easily layered, and they provide a lot of comfort and warmth.

One of the most luxurious, elegant pea coat materials is the ultra-soft goat's wool known as cashmere. Men's pea coats are available in classic colors, such as blue and tan, while women's versions tend to have more color options. A women's spring pea coat could be bright red or pale cream, or it could be a fashion color such as banana yellow or celery green.

Heavy wool pea coats tend to be sold in deep shades, such as classic navy blue or dark rich red. All types of pea coat are double breasted, meaning they have two rows of buttons rather than most outerwear styles that have only one button row. While many pea coats, both men's and women's, have six buttons, some feature only four larger ones. A women's pea coat is designed to fit at the hips, while the typical men's version is usually a little longer than hip length.

Types of Pea Coats 1. Navy Pea coat for Men: Navy Pea coat for Men A navy pea coat is undoubtedly the most traditional colour that you can own this piece in. When members of the military would wear this coat, it was almost entirely in a navy shade. This was probably to signify that it was a part of the Navy uniform, and not the Army or Airforce. Wearing a navy coat is also a perfect opportunity to get a more fresh and crisp style.

Why not try wearing your piece with a clean white dress shirt. The contrast between the light and the dark will give a nice contrasting balance to your outfit. Combine this with a pair of light denim jeans. So, to finish the look off, wear a pair of tan leather shoes to give you some extra formal detail. Try a casual, thick cotton shirt in a clean pattern and match it with a pair of slim fit chinos and boots.

You can easily match a standard suit with your navy pea coat. However, for a less formal look try out a minimalist style by pairing a blue denim shirt with a slim fit pair of black chinos and some lace-up brogues. The navy pea coat will help bring some lightness to the outfit, while the shirt will balance things out and stop it looking overly formal. Navy is the ultimate colour choice for practically anything, and pea coats are no exception.

Teamed with blue jeans or chinos in various colours, a navy pea coat works particularly well for casual days. Turtlenecks or cable knit sweaters are great underneath. Black Pea coat for Men: This is the perfect colour for many outerwear pieces due to its versatile and monochrome nature. You can wear a black coat with more or less anything and it will go. Wearing dark colours during the colder months not only reflects the desaturation of the season, but also helps to retain any heat that your clothes get from what little sun there is.

Going for a minimalist style is a perfect way to seem effortlessly stylish. Underneath your coat you can wear whatever you want, within reason of course.

If you want a completely black look, then stick with a plain T-shirt or jumper. Black coats are pretty traditional, especially in the autumn and winter, but pea coats have enough of a unique shape that even in the more muted colour they can stand out.

You can pretty much dress a black pea coat up with whatever you want, whether it be jeans and T-shirt combo or a full suit. Try a long-sleeved jumper in a bold pattern and match it with a pair of slim fit jeans. Then just finish with some chunky black boots or trainers and throw your trusty pea coat over the top. A black pea coat is perfect for wearing with a formal outfit.

Its slim fit design, flattering collar and neutral colour help it to blend easily into the slightly more rigid fits of formal wear. Pairing one with a classic turtleneck in the same colour is an easy way to achieve a sleek and form fitting outfit while avoiding the risk of frostbite. Black is considered the ultimate shade, but at times it can work to hinder colour combinations. When styling a dark coloured pea coat for casual days, team it with other classic colours like reds and whites for a simple, yet more dimensional approach.

A chino in a different tone can work well with black and also add textured scarves and denim pieces for a bit of distinction among this dark shade.

A black pea coat is also a worthy option for corporate wear, particularly when paired with a grey suit. Grey Pea coat for Men: Grey Pea coat for Men If you want to be a bit more adventurous, whilst still playing things relatively safe, then why not try wearing a grey pea coat.

Try combining your pea coat coat with a pair of black skinny jeans. The contrast between the light coat and the dark of your trousers will create a nice balance to your look, stopping it from becoming too uniform and monochrome. By also adding a grey button up shirt underneath the coat, you can achieve an effortless flow within the top half of your outfit.

Finally, finish off the look with a pair of brown leather shoes. If you want to add some smart accessories, then think about wearing a black tie and some knitted gloves. Grey is a great colour for any man who wants to look sharp, elegant, and not blend into the background. The range of tones makes this an extremely versatile style. Whether you prefer a light or dark grey, both look great paired with a number of different colours.

Get your hands on some classic navy jeans for a tried and tested colour combination. Match them with a simple turtleneck jumper and some sleek leather boots. Mixing different shades will work as well, and give you a more dimensional look. Grey is perfect for creating a versatile formal outfit. Try wearing a light knitwear jumper whilst matching it with some slim or skinny fit trousers. Grey pea coats can be a nice change from traditional black. Think strategically about what colours you will want to team it with.

White is the ultimate shade to complement a lighter tone grey pea coat. Charcoal greys can be teamed with other traditional colours like navies, burgundies and emerald greens.

Brown Pea coat for Men: Although you have to be careful, you can easily pair it with other neutral colours. Try a darker brown or a burgundy coat for men if you want to make your outfit stand out even more. You can easily achieve a casual look with a brown pea coat by keeping the look simple and understated. Keep things sleek with your pea coat bringing out a warm vibe to your look.

Pair it with some fitted navy chinos, leather brogues and a white oxford shirt. In the same colour family as camel, a rusty brown is also a great colour alternative to a pea coat. A rich, deep brown is one of the most favourable tones to work with because it goes with almost everything. If you are a fan of navy, a rich brown pea coat will be a more worthy investment that black.

The trick to pulling off a brown pea coat is to ensure that the tailoring is just right — a younger, more modern silhouette will ensure that it reads stylish as opposed to outdated. Green Pea Coat for Men: Green Pea Coat for Men We would have guessed that green was the traditional colour of choice for a pea coat.

While this is not the case navy is the historically favoured colour , green is a worthy alternative. Emerald, forest and khaki greens are the three shades you should be searching for when trying to find the perfect green pea coat.

These shades of green are the most versatile and can complement a broad range of richer, classic tones think rich burgundy, deep navy, dusty brown and dark wine.

Camel Pea Coat for Men: Camel Pea Coat for Men The ultimate for gents who favour predominantly neutral clothing, camel is classic and brings warmth to your existing pieces. Team your camel pea coat with beige, khaki and wines for a traditional interpretation of the trend.

Camel can also work well with blacks, which will register modern and youthful, particularly if your tailoring is done correctly. Also, be sure to annotate looks that incorporate camel pea coats with novel accessories to boost the appeal of your coat. Long Pea Coat for Men: Long Pea Coat for Men While not many of us would rock a long pea coat on a daily basis, there is most certainly a time and a place.

Utilising a longer pea coat with your corporate wear can be a great way to keep warm, but also to add a bit more colour and dimension to a usual suit. Slung over your shoulders is another way to rock a longer pea coat, and it will read more relaxed yet still put together.

Double Breasted Pea coat for Men: This means that when you fasten it up, one half will overlap the other, with the buttons holding it across your torso.

Not only does this give it a neat and stylish design, it also adds extra warmth and protection from the weather. You may be thinking that the design of this particular coat means that you should wear it done up. If you leave your coat open then you have the opportunity to show more of your outfit off.

This means that you can get some nice contrasts between the colour of your coat and your other layers. Combine your open pea coat with a pair of dark navy denim jeans for an understated rustic look and finishing it off with some black chelsea boots. These are a simple and stylish way to finish any look. Double breasted and single breasted are the two main types of pea coat design you can get. Single breasted pea coats have a more streamlined, simplistic look with a single row of buttons, whereas double breasted pea coats have the more recognisable double row, which gives a unique, dimensional look.

What are the Different Types of Pea Coats? How To Wear A Pea coat? History Of The Pea Coat. The pea coat, like many well-loved items of clothing, was originally for a practical purpose. It was a naval coat, with a design that was ideal for a sailor on board a ship. The Pea Coats are so stylish and yet so warm. In the last decade you may have seen a few grey or tan coloured pea coats but they are unconventional colours — even if they do work well with the original aesthetic features of the coat.

Yes, simply because the pea coat was used by men of the navy during the last millennium. If there is a colour that tends to be synonymous with an institution, it would be navy — hence the name. A classic feature of the pea coat is the typical, oversized collar. This gives the coat a slightly dressy aesthetic. It can be worn as a casual piece for a night on the town or it could be work just as ordinarily when going to a job interview.

Originally, the collar on the pea coat was designed, to serve sailors exposed to the inevitable cold and open winds at sea. The collar can be worn up, almost as a half hood, without impairing their sight. Although not applicable to most who wear a pea coat now regarding the open winds at sea, but with winter coming it could be a great contingency plan responding to a winter cold snap when without key accessories.

The other standardised feature to the pea coat is the double-breasted front. It gives a real feeling of integrity and class to the coat, even though the far sided buttons will never be used.

A missing button on a double-breasted jacket is borderline criminal. As far as weight goes, they are thick and warm but not as heavy as other jackets, but that can be attributed to the length of which they are made. They are short in length, which sees I fall no further down than the hip.

The original pea coat was without a hood but as it has been immersed into popular fashion, hoods have started to appear on some. The higher end brands will add a few different things to make their pea coat stand out, however generally, most will stop before adding a hood to the original silhouette.

The History of the Pea coat - From Navy to Normalcy The History of the Pea coat Whenever the mercury starts to dip there has always been one piece of outerwear that emerges in force on the city streets. The pea coat has been one among the shortlist of items in menswear that has become a staple in the majority of closets and wardrobes as this versatile piece of military outerwear seems to have made the leap from a classic to complete mainstay in menswear.

Why are so many drawn to this particular silhouette? Why do designers and labels seem so willing to sell slightly tweaked pea coats every fall season? By taking a look at the history and the origins of the coat, we can see the popularity of the pea coat runs deeper than just a seasonal trend. The history of the pea coat is deeply rooted in military and naval backgrounds. Surprisingly, the jacket has been around since the s when the first variation was worn by then naval powerhouse, the Dutch.

While the Dutch are credited for inventing the pea coat, it was the British navy who can take the credit for the popularization of the jacket. The British version of the coat was similarly designed for naval duties, particularly designed to be a uniform for petty officers.

The coat then made its way across the Atlantic for a third appearance, this time with the American Navy. Each of the Dutch, British, and American variants of the coat kept a silhouette that was relatively form fitting to keep out harsh winds. The jackets would normally flair out at the hips, making it easier for the navy officers to climb the ropes at sea.

Most of the coats were double breasted and featured an ulster collar, which could be buttoned all the way up to protect you from the harsh elements. Some variations either had side vents, a center vent, or no vents at all.

Most jackets featured vertical slit pockets on the lower half of the jacket constructed for easy access to personal items such as wallets. Nearly all pea coats feature either brass or plastic buttons with an image of a fouled anchor imprinted on them.

The wool is woven tightly and treated with heat to bind the fibers together resulting in a very warm water and wind-resistant fabric that was perfect for life at sea.

What has changed and modernized is the fit and construction of the jacket. The fit of the jacket has been taken in, leaving most pea coats today offering a slim and more snug fit.

What's a Pea Coat? It seems as if were yesterday when I so my Dad in his tried-and-true pea coat. It actually meant quite a bit to him because that was the coat that he wore when you probably serve in the U. Navy back and the 's. He said that he had never worn a coat that kept him warmer, or one that had stood the test of time. The pea coat is standard issue for the brave men and women of the U.

These coats have been a staple for the Navy uniforms since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Navy men designed the coats to endure harsh, cold temperatures that many of the men faced on the seas. And today many civilians can be seen wearing the coats, which really comes as no surprise to me.

Pea coats are always navy blue in color and double-breasted in style. They are made from worsted wool. Worsted wool gets its name because of the way the wool is processed for the coats. It is extremely durable because the fibers in the material are parallel in alignment. You will find few garments that are made better and performed to higher standards than the pea coat. Another appealing element of the pea coat is its classic style. They really are immediately identifiable because of their distinct look.

In addition to the traditional navy blue color and double-breasted construction, the coats are easily spotted by their wide, rounded lapels and their buttons. The buttons fittingly have anchors etched into the buttons. The name 'pea coat' is said to have different origins. One such theory is that they are called pea because of the pea soup like fog that many sailors encounter. Others suggest that the name is derived from 'pilot' because the coats were originally made from pilot cloth. Pilot cloth is a heavy twilled cloth that is usually blue in color.

Pilot cloth has been used to construct jackets since The cloth itself was nicknamed 'p-cloth' and the term 'pea coat' eventually made its evolution from that derivative. Yet others believe that it is actually from a Dutch word which means short. Oh whatever it may be, it doesn't really matter how it got its name. The fact of the matter is that the pea coat immediately brings to mind an image of the traditional, double-breasted, durable, navy blue coat.

Through the air is the pea coat has evolved to become a rather fashionable piece of civilian wear as well. The civilian pea coat is not always Navy surplus. They may lack the quality of the wool original, but there is no denying the quality and durability of the original pea coat, standard issue of the U. It has stood the test of time and has served with honor.

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