110 Cute and Small Tattoos for Girls with Meaning

cute little girl & boy tea party -birthday photo, circa 's. This would be a fantastic addition to your collection! It is a reproduction 8 x 10 inch matte real photo.

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Small cat tattoos that are cute and stylized have become wildly popular tattoos for girls. Tiny little paw prints leading to a tiny silhouette of a cat is an adorable tattoo for cat lovers. Tiny little paw prints leading to a tiny silhouette of a cat is an adorable tattoo for cat lovers.
Girls in their childhood look so cute (no offense to boys!). Especially when they are playing or filled with plenty of happiness or in a state of surprise the girls look really cute. In this wonderful collection of little cute girls pictures from across the world, we believe every picture proves it.
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Oct 12,  · A Young Shy Girl Walks On Stage, but within Seconds Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor - Duration: LosGranosTV 37,, views.

Hearts are a classic symbol of love, so why not show off your romantic side and have a simple heart tattoo done? We love this clean and delicate little heart, just at the base of the hairline. These two heart outlines are so sweet.

We love the simplicity and the off centre placement of the hearts gives them a slightly kooky edge. Needless to say we are seriously enamoured with this awesome tattoo. This delicate heart on the forefinger tattoo is the epitome of chic. A delicate and simple design in an unusual place like this one works so well. If you fancy making a bit more of a statement why not go to the classic dagger through the heart design?

A delicate heart behind the ear design is another wildly popular one. Small, pretty and fun, you will always want to wear your hair up if you have this tattoo, and are sure to get loads of compliments about it.

This bug and heart combo is so adorable! We just love the subtle colour variations, the shading and the fact that the design is truly original. This is a tattoo you will be proud of forever! Ornate heart tattoos like Celtic hearts are falling out of favor with girls. Tiny solid black hearts in pairs or alone are an artsy choice for girls who want heart tattoos. A tiny pair of hearts could represent a friend or a spouse. Sometimes friends will get matching tiny heart tattoos to cement a lifelong friendship.

Small and simple heart tattoos are a great choice for anyone who wants a timeless tattoo that will still look fantastic many years from now. Getting a name tattoo might be considered brave but why not just go for it? If you have a name of a special person in your life, there is no greater dedication then getting it inked on your skin as a permanent reminder of them! Words can look great if you choose the right font and something that means something to you. They can be a significant or random as you like, get it right and you will be so pleased with your new ink, we are sure of that!

This tattoo is super cute, we love the spacing between the letters, and the dreamy font too! The flirty placement makes it extra cool, and one that you will love forever. Getting just a word or a short phrase that is meaningful or inspirational as a tattoo has become very popular among girls.

After seeing some heavy hitting Hollywood stars get tattoos with special words or phrases many other girls are doing it too. Small word and phrase tattoos are easy to hide when necessary and can be a secret reminder of strength, resiliency, and forgiveness. An intricate or unusual ring design can look fantastic, we love the detailed pattern of this cool ring design, and the flash of colour makes it really special too.

These unusual designs look amazing, we love the shapes that the bold, black lines have created -very cool indeed. This intricate and totally unusual ring tattoo is sure to be an interesting talking piece. We love the colour and the obvious amount of thought that has gone into designing it. Ring tattoos , pendant tattoos and earring tattoos are unique tattoo choices for girls that can be simply decorative or can have a bigger meaning.

Women who have lost a spouse may also choose to get a permanent ring tattoo to commemorate the person they loved and lost. Other girls choose to celebrate their lifelong friends by getting matching friendship ring tattoos. Pendant tattoos over the heart or in the center of the chest make a statement but are easy to hide. Victorian cameo designs or small locket designs are popular tattoo pendant designs.

A subtle permanent eyeliner can really make your eyes pop, and you can wake up every morning look and fresh and ready to go, not matter hoe much sleep you have had! Girls who hate applying makeup or only wear simple makeup may choose to get eyeliner , lipliner or browliner tattooed on their face so that they never have to apply it again. Makeup tattoos have increased dramatically over the last twenty years because women want to look good throughout their lives. Celestial tattoos like small suns, moons and stars are classic tattoos for girls that look great throughout the years.

Usually crescent moons are chosen, with or without a few small stars. Some girls opt for just a few small stars inside the wrist or near the collarbone for a little drama without a huge statement. Some girls also get their astrological constellation of stars tattooed in miniature on an ankle or upper arm as a way of paying allegiance to their birth sign.

A colourful butterfly on the hip is a classic girls tattoo. It is almost celtic in design and the colouring makes it really stand out. We love little, barely-there tattoos that just peek out of the tops of clothing.

This abstract design is very unusual, and the bold yet delicate lines make it really stand out. Could this tattoo be more girly? We adore how unusual this is, simple lines used for the butterfly itself with a bed of iridescent color behind it, what is not to love about that? This butterfly wrist tattoo is super simple, super girly and super cool.

A delicate creature works really well in the delicate wrist area and can easily be covered with a watch if you want it to. We love this colourful and delicate design, and a chest tattoo always makes a statement. This is small and pretty with touches of colour that make it really pop. This bold black butterfly tattoo looks amazing! We love the tough edge this butterfly has, while still being cute and girly of course!

We love a cool ankle tattoo like these ones. The butterfly is girly and simple, and the cross and chain adds a toughness and power. Teamed with killer hot pink heels as well — what more could you ask for?!

Beautiful butterflies are some of the most delicate tattoos that girls get. Sometimes the tattoo is just a simple outline of a butterfly with a splash of color.

Other tattoos are lavishly colored to represent some of the stunning butterflies that exist in nature. Feminine butterfly tattoos always look good on women, no matter what age they are, so they are a great choice for a piece of art that will last forever. They also may add birth dates, death dates, or marriage dates with the initials. These simple tattoos will be elegant reminders of important life events and time periods. A cool map design is timeless and will always remind you of that special place, or that special someone.

We just love this one with its delicate lines and cool details. A cute and simple shell will always look good. This one is so simple but yet really stands out. A cartoon that you love is bound to keep you smiling! Whether its a fairly tale classic or something totally unusual this is sweet and fun, and sure to be a great talking point too. We love this magical book design, the washy colour gives it an gentle ethereal quality. The water colour look is becoming increasingly popular for tattoos lately, making them seem more like actual works of art.

This cool design is very unusual, geometric shapes are really trendy right now. We love this one, everything about it is totally unique! This tattoo is a true work of art, a wonderful piece that you will never get bored of. The incredible colours on this tattoo are truly individual — one of our favourite pieces for sure. A paw is a cute way of paying homage to your favourite animal. This gentle flower is delicate and beautiful — a super feminine piece. Everything about it from the beautiful colours to the way the flower gently drops make this a stunning and timeless tattoo.

We love these funky matching couples tattoos — something small and unusual works every time! This pretty flower design is elegant and chic, the bold colour choice will make it really stand out too. We love the placement and the contrast with smooth, porcelain skin looks truly beautiful. This calf tattoo really makes a statement! If you love your country why not try something like this with your own counties flag?

The shading and detail in this tattoo is awesome! The movement in this design is really cool too. A bird of prey adds a tough edge to your style that we just love.

We love the simple font on this elegant upper arm tattoo. A classic placement on the upper forearm is right on trend. This tattoo is cute and fun, if you have a cheeky sense of humour something like this will suit you down to the ground, and keep you smiling all day long! This unusual text on the back of the foot looks super cool. We love the bold choice of text and the placement on the back of the ankle is just perfect. A simple single letter can make a bold statement. We love the old fashioned style font, and you can keep the meaning just for you!

We love the delicate detail of this lovely hip tattoo. It is a totally unique design and the thin lines bring a fantastic femininity to the piece. A totally cool idea that looks just great. An unusual finger tattoo is sure to get lots of attention. We love the originality of this piece! A bold outline of your favourite animal will look great for decades.

The placement on the collar bone is just perfect, there is no shying away with this awesome tattoo. White ink is becoming increasingly popular and create a subtle and sophisticated effect. We love the elegant writing on this pretty neck tattoo. Something cute and simple can often look brilliant, just like this cute bunny and moon combination. It will call out to your inner child and the placement is lovely too. A classic moon tattoo is really endearing. The smaller the better! Just by the elbow is a really unusual placement and looks really adorable!

A sketchy, super detailed hare tattoo right on the collar bone is feminine yet makes a bold statement too. We love how intricate this is — this is definitely a tattoo that you will love forever. We love this adorable wrist tattoo! This would work whatever your favourite animal is — a simple outline with some detail and shading creates a totally cool effect. The detail on this bee tattoo is gorgeous. Tattoos that are as lifelike as possible are becoming increasingly popular, and everything about this bee makes it look as though it has just landed on her arm -truly a wonderful work of art.

We particularly like the way the shape follows the shape of her hand, well thought out and totally original — 10 out of 10 for this one.

This cute and colourful Robin tattoo is one of our favourites! Robins are totally adorable creatures so why not show how much you love them and get one as a pretty and colourful tattoo? A single initial in an unusual place looks chic and classy. The delicate lines of this font work really well for a tattoo like this.

We love this delicate bow — very feminine and very cool. These little foot paw prints are so sweet! Always remember that tattoo removal is not easy. Fortunately, we have endless choices for girl tattoos whether the tattoo is on wrist, neck, back, leg or any other body part the girl wants her piece of art. A butterfly represents grace and transformation. From being a not so beautiful caterpillar, they change into an attractive butterfly. This is a lovely Lotus tattoo. A butterfly tattoo is quite common among celebrities including Brandy, Mariah Carey, and Drew Barrymore.

Getting a tattoo between or under the breast is becoming popular nowadays. Rihanna has a tattoo on her chest and it makes her look sexy. This is a personal initial tattoo. The right note for music lovers. Feminine tattoos are not shocking anymore and ladies are no longer criticized based on their body ink. This cute elephant is playing with water.

An amazing flower finger tattoo. Doves are usually used in weddings since they symbolize peace, love and the start of a new life together. There are a lot of designs for small tattoos for girls, be sure to choose the appropriate symbol. If you look closely at the design, you will notice that it is being shaded with dots. This style can be time-consuming, however, the result is awesome.

This is a reminder that you should keep on climbing those mountains. Butterfly are very popular among girls since they are beautiful and they symbolize transformation. Rose tattoos can be simple or complex yet we cannot deny that it is definitely a thing of beauty. The artist has done an excellent job in this tattoo. This is a perfect tattoo for the travelers.

The wanderlust word tattoo is ideal for travelers. There are a lot of designs that can be used. In fact, the choices are endless.

One of the most common designs of small tattoos that are perfect for girls is the flower tattoo. It can range from different types of flowers and can be inked on the wrist, spine , or stretched on the arm. The hearts tattoo is also another popular design which depicts love.

Download cute little girl stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Girls in their childhood look so cute (no offense to boys!). Especially when they are playing or filled with plenty of happiness or in a state of surprise the girls look really cute. In this wonderful collection of little cute girls pictures from across the world, we believe every picture proves it. Cute outfits Kid outfits Cute little girls outfits Kids outfits girls Family outfits Little girl clothing Kids clothing Fox shirt Little girl style Forward OAK {=One of A Kind} has a kids collection called kindred oak and I want everything from there.